ECJ rules against Monsanto over inactive DNA in soymeal

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By Jess Halliday, 09-Jul-2010

“The European Court of Justice this week ruled that Monsanto cannot claim patent protection in Europe for inactive DNA sequences in imported GM soymeal, a judgement that lawyers believe could stimulate more imports of produce with inactive DNA.”

Monsanto holds a patent in the EU on a genetic sequence which makes the soybean plant resident to the herbicide glyphosate, used by farmers to kill off weeds without harming their soy crops. It does not hold a parallel patent for the technology, known as Roundup Ready, in Argentina however, which is a major soy grower.

In 2005 and 2006 soymeal imported from Argentina to The Netherlands was found to contain traces of Monsanto’s DNA, which indicated that the soymeal had been produced using the Roundup Ready variety.

Monsanto launched a lawsuit at the Rechtbank’s Gravenhage in The Hague, which subsequently referred the question to the European Court of Justice as to whether the DNA sequence’s presence constituted a patent infringement when marketed in the EU. More

Arizona receives official notice of lawsuit: Help Arizona defend itself!

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 From:  Ruthie Hendrycks


Today, we received official notice of the federal government’s lawsuit against the state of Arizona.

I am sure you will agree with me that the Administration’s lawsuit is an outrageous use of taxpayer money and a sure sign that the President is more interested in politics than securing our southern border.

This lawsuit follows the President’s immigration speech in which he called for comprehensive immigration reform that – not surprisingly – includes a path to citizenship for those who entered our country illegally. More

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