I think NOT

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Got a joke for you. When is a Politician running for State Treasurer after his bank partnership fails, he squirms out of those pesky taxes while receiving a refund of $30,000, and is touted as a Democratic hopeful for the position likely to be elected?

Answer: When he comes from Illinois and his Republican counterpart not only lied about his military service, but also about his experience as a Educator.

Personally I don’t think that is very funny, but I bet these 39 individuals fired from their DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) positions are probably wondering how that happens as well.

The majority of DFAS employees cleared the background check without an issue, McKay told American Forces Press Service. But for the 39 employees, the background checks for most revealed a long-term “pattern” of financial mishandling coupled with personal misconduct, she added. .

Seems to me that last sentence describes 30% of our current “Czars” over in Washington, D.C., but I digress…

It is very telling in our political system that misrepresenting the truth and outright deception of the public is no longer considered to be “a big deal.” What happened to honor and integrity in our Public Servants? When did we become the Servants of tyranny and injustice?

In order to provide an alternative to the cash-strapped-piss-poor-planning-incompetent-incumbents, why not check out some of the opposition candidates?

James Pauly of the Libertarian Party

Scott Summers of the Green Party.

In fact here is a stellar idea. If the American Voter is as frustrated as I am, how about going to this centralized site and clicking on the State where your vote counts. Now – see those politicians listed at the top? Those are incumbents. The ones who in many instances voted to spend your money, restrict your freedoms and then hang out with their cronies.  Below and to the right are some more people hoping to spend your money, restrict your freedoms and then hang out with their “newest bestest” pals for a few terms.

Do you really want to spend the next 2 – 6 years under the thumb of individuals who not only cannot balance their own budgets, but then fire employees who “Do as they say, but not as they do.”?

Investigate them, talk with them and then make an informed choice.