UK dairy sector eyes energy saving pasteurisation alternative to extend milk shelf-life

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By Oliver Nieburg, 02-Jul-2010

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Ultraviolet light technology will be touted as an environmentally friendly alternative to heat pasteurisation for milk in an Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator (IEEA) report due in the coming weeks.

Dairy UK, in collaboration with the Carbon Trust, recently held workshops to discuss alternatives to the energy consuming thermal process used for milk pasteurisation. Dairy UK environment manager Fergus McReynolds told DairyReporter.com that the most viable substitute could be UV pasteurisation.

This alternative subjects milk to precise frequencies of wave lengths of light to interact with DNA and stop its ability to reproduce. The advantages and drawbacks of the new technology have been seen by this publication ahead of the IEEA’s report.

Why Ultraviolet? More

Water theft and the beginning of the end of independent and family cattle ranching



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Reports are coming in from across the country, mostly from the 14 Western States where cattle ranching is a way of life, of water being diverted to other areas or regions and natural waterways being altered to allow the collection of water to be sold on the commodities markets depriving cattle ranchers of the much needed water for their herds.

While many a cattleman (not all) in the west are cheering the unlawful herding and slaughter of wild horses and burros believing that ending the existence of these animals would somehow increase their access to below fair market value grazing permits, a wholly separate plan was being put in place by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Now, don’t get too excited.  You’ll probably still get some really, really cheap grazing permits….you just won’t be able to afford the water necessary for your herds without selling off a couple of your kids or grandkids.  And no guarantees are made as to the quality of water you will have access to.

BLM, in collusion with municipalities, multi-national corporations and other stakeholders have been systematically laying claim to any and all water supplies: even what is contained in underground aquifers.  What this means to you is this:  Even if water appears on your land naturally, having come from a river, stream or aquifer now owned by these corporate stakeholders, you are committing theft.  They own the water and all rights to it.  The fact that it shows up on your land and always has is now a moot point.  More

Another Helicopter Wild Horse Stampede of Death Coming to a Desert Near YOU!


(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Live Link:  Straight from the Horses Heart

The BLM Blood Lust for the Wild American Horse

 Remember the recent Calico round-up?

Photo by Craig Downer 1.)     Incorrect Numbers

2.)    Warnings issued that horses would die

3.)    Notorious Helicopter Contractor in charge

4.)    Young horses run until their feet fell off

5.)    Healthy horses killed in the field

6.)    Gates closed so inappropriate gelding and sterilization experiments could be conducted

7.)    Animal cruelty charges filed

8.)    150 horses dead and still counting

9.)    No verification that any number of horses are left on the range

10.)   No accountability

Well warm up the BBQ pit and break out the beer because the ole BLM is about to fire off a rerun of the death and destruction and hundreds of native wild horses are now doomed.  Gotta love that BLM, they just issued a statement that they know helicopters kill wild horses and what do they plan on using to round up the horses?  The same helicopter contractor that is responsible for running horses to death at the last roundup.  Craig Downer just verified that destructive private cattle out number the wild horses by a minimum of 10 to 1 at the proposed roundup location so what is the helicopter going to stampede; the wild horses, of course.  Kinda makes ya wonder about those boys, doesn’t it?

We all know that the BLM can’t count, they have proven that with their bogus numbers both before and after their botched roundups.  We all know that they lie and actually hire professionals to teach them how to do so with style.  Hell, look at their last advisory meeting; slick, cool and preaching transparency while they are castrating and killing off the last seed of the Calico herd. More

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