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June 30, 2010

Mercola.com:  If you missed Dr. Joe Mercola’s commentary on his interview with me (plus the accompanying video), you can access it here .  (please post this link on your website or facebook – wherever you can). The very exciting and good news is that Mercola is committed to stopping fluoridation and helping activists in their campaigns. See entire video interview or read the transcript (pdf) More

BLM: Announcing its intent to violate federal law once again


note:  In  clear violation of the very laws BLM claims as some of its basis for authority over the wild horses, helicopters will be used to hunt and herd the animals in an operation closed to the public.  I suppose when you are commiting a felony and causing the injury or death of the very animals you were supposed to be protecting, its better to have no witnesses.  Secrecy is needed only when you knowingly are violating the law.  Hopefully, somewhere in Nevada and/or California is an individual or group who will move to bring charges against everyone from the pilots right up to Ken Salazar.  Marti 

BLM Nevada News
FOR RELEASE: June 30, 2010
CONTACT: Heather Emmons, (775) 861-6594, heather_emmons@blm.gov

BLM Issues Temporary Closure on Public Lands
Elko, Nev.—Certain areas on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in northwestern Elko County will be temporarily closed to public access, use and occupancy at varying times and locations from July 6 through July 31, 2010.  The temporary closure involves about 27,000 acres and is necessary to help ensure the safety of the public, contractors and government employees, and wild horses, and to ensure the orderly progress of the Tuscarora wild horse gather operations.  The public will have the opportunity to attend the gather on specifically scheduled and escorted visitation days.  

The sites identified for temporary closure are locations the BLM has used during previous gathers in the Owyhee, Rock Creek and Little Humboldt Herd Management Areas over the past 10 years.  Some of the gather sites are on public land and some are on private land.  The temporary closure would be in effect only on public land.  Not all of the lands identified for temporary closure will be closed during the entire period.  The public will be authorized to use those areas where gather operations are not in progress.  Areas from which the public will be temporarily excluded will be dependent upon the actual area of operation which will be variable according to the needs of the gather contractor.  Areas temporarily closed to public access will be posted at main entry points with signs.  

Once gather operations are concluded in specific areas, those portions of the public lands will be reopened.  The temporary closure may be lifted prior to July 31 if gather operations are completed before that date.  

Helicopters will be used during the gather operation.  The BLM will remove about 1,100 excess wild horses from within the Owyhee, Rock Creek and Little Humboldt Herd Management Areas (HMAs) and outside of these HMAs to bring the number of wild horses in the area to the appropriate management level range of 337-561 animals.  The HMAs cover about 455,000 acres in Elko County, about 90 miles northwest of Elko, Nev.

For more information, call David Overcast, Tuscarora Field Manager, at 775-753-0320.


Awakening: A 4-part series on the realities behind the current economic system

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This is series of films highlighting the faults in the current economic system, why it can’t work, doesn’t work and was never meant to. 


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