I read a sad little story today about a former Homeless Shelter Case Worker who is going through some hard times. Seems that after 99 weeks of Unemployment Bennies – she still cannot find a job even with 17 years experience. And she has to pay for COBRA to the tune of $650 per month. And she is having to dip into her 401K next month if something miraculous does not happen.

At first one would be compassionate and think “Oh. How sad and her Mommy is in the story as well!”. But on reflection and further perusal of the “iReport”, the compassion seems to bleed from my brain.

This particular case is indicative of the mindset of some American Citizens. On reading the article we see that she is paying $300 per month for storage for the furniture that cannot fit in her new apartment:

And then there’s the storage fee of $300 she pays for all her excess furniture from her old apartment.

Word of advice: Sell it. If it is excess, you don’t need it.

Of course, she is “considering” other avenues of employment since the Social Work sector hasn’t panned out in the past 18 months:

Finding the income to support her expensive health insurance hasn’t been an easy task. For the last year-and-a-half, Cintron has been applying to jobs at homeless shelters in New York. Even though she has landed several interviews, they haven’t amounted to anything.

“The agencies where I’m applying to, they’re all cutting back too,” she says, citing city funding cutbacks.

Cintron is considering part-time or customer service work as a last resort, but she’s worried she may be worse off.

Worse off how? Income is income. A quick search of The New York Times job search function shows 29 jobs available new today, out of over 5000, that are related to Social Work. Has she applied for each one of these?

But no. Mindset now is “What should I consider? What is good for me? Wait a minute – where’d my free money go and how can I get the most National Attention?”

So instead of 24/7 looking for a job, she has fallen back on her hobbies to keep her going:

Ever since she lost her job, she’s been an active iReporter, scouting events and stories in her native New York. Videography and photography have become her focus. In this digital age, it’s free for her to upload her images, so it’s a cheap hobby.

“Cheap” does not equal “Free”. Paying for transportation, batteries, computer, travel time – these things add up. I have friends and family who have been un/underemployed for the same length of time and let me tell you something, running around making videos as an “iReporter” to promote their own agenda is not what they are doing. They are working odd jobs, hunting up leads, selling what excess they have to feed themselves.

As an aside however, let’s look at the “Big Picture” here for a moment. National Employment numbers are fascinating and phony these days:

ADP numbers report that a “paltry” 13,000 jobs were added in June to the payroll. Yet according to sources, the Federal Government and BP have pumped 30,000 – 40,000 people to the job force. Surely on the 71st day of the “Oil Catastrophe” some of those jobs have to be considered in the numbers – don’t they?

And according to a pretty reputable new source, there may even be more job opportunities in the Gulf Region soon!

FEMA Plans to Evacuate Tampa Bay Area in Place?

FEMA has plans to evacuate the Tampa Bay area in the event of a controlled burn of surface oil in the Gulf of Mexico, or if wind or other conditions are expected to take toxic fumes through Tampa Bay, according to a report by Maryann Tobin in the Hernando County Political Buzz Examiner.

After all, isn’t our Administration following exactly what was done back in the “Great Depression”?

Franklin D. Roosevelt, who promised a “New Deal for the American People,” soundly defeated incumbent president Herbert Hoover in the 1932 election. Roosevelt instituted a number of economic measures. He pushed for a banking reform bill to restore confidence in financial institutions. He devalued currency so that borrowers could more easily repay debts. He pushed for stock market regulation. He “primed the pump,” spending public money through newly created programs such as the Civilian Conservation Corps and Public Works Administration, which undertook projects that put people to work and money into circulation.

This is not a drill folks. This is the current situation we are in. The United States is headed to “H-E-double toothpicks in a Hand basket” with the Democratic and Republican politicians holding on to the left and right side of the handle. WE are sitting in relative comfort just “going along for the ride”  while checking our collective bank accounts. At the end of our proverbial “99 week” grace period however there will be a reckoning, a price to pay for our inaction.

On Election day in November, 92 weeks and 6 days will have passed since the inauguration of our current Administration – vote them out. Vote every incumbent out.