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Is it true that our world has suffered with so much unspeakable destruction, misery, and death because so many of us have had, and do have, perhaps, the mother of all negative and apathetic attitudes:Why worry about something you can’t do anything about?

Is this attitude resulting in the forfeiture of our God-gifted and sovereign free-will?

Have too many of us lost so much free-will, through apathy and ignorance, we can only add to the wide consensus of negative free-will, or exercise no free-will at all?

Must we have some free-will left in order to use it in a positive fashion?

Ranging from slow to fast, and even faster, all of our emotions, attitudes and everything in our physical existence vibrates with its own unique frequency signature; which proves all of our materiality and emotions are energy of one kind or the other.

Unconditional love has the highest vibration, with hate, revenge, and fear on the bottom rungs. Enlightened spiritual beings naturally resonant with the higher vibrations.

So, there’s energy (of the material world) and there’s us (of the spiritual world) who create and interact with energy of the material world.

Would energy exist without us?

Could we exist without energy?

Those who answer “Yes,” and then “No,” could be called “Other  Determinists,” who deny free-will as a universal constant.

Those who answer the above two questions with a “No” and then a “Yes,”  could  be termed “Self Determinists,” who posit a free-will universe, wherein, “Something can be done about anything with enough free-will.”

Free-will itself can obviously be negative or positive. The free-will to shoot and kill an African elephant is patently more negative than the compassionate effort of nursing a sick elephant back to health.

Positive free-will results in no or reduced negativity for self or others.

The omnipresence of free-will – both positive and negative – in our world can hardly be argued. What is indeterminate is whose free-will will prevail: Ours (positive) or theirs (negative)?

These questions are usually determined by who is the stronger, by having the most agreement from others.

And as a corollary, free-will not exercised will eventually become free-will lost, until it’s regained.

We the people of Earth have so blindly and freely given away our free-will to the much smaller dark cabal of power-seekers, those forces have become more powerful than us, the vast multitudes. These dark forces have used what was once our free-will in a myriad of negative ways, until at last the prevailing attitude on Earth has become, perhaps, the most negative attitude possible: “Why worry about something you can do nothing about,” never realizing the immense,  overwhelming and sovereign power of billions of peoples’ collective free will.

We could even make the Gulf of Mexico and its coasts clean again with our collective will overriding the negative will of those who have so poisoned our air, waters, and lands, and those in government who have  allowed it.

To accomplish this many people in our world would have to wake up to the dark negative intentions of those who caused the greatest catastrophe in recorded history, but to also awaken to those of our federal government who allowed it.

Enlightenment must proceed the positive intention of free-will.

“Evil and malevolence act secretly and deceptively. Before one can transform, exorcise, or reverse evil, one must know its nature and  source,” (Gary Witherspoon in Language and Art in the Navajo Universe).

To recapture one’s free-will, one must fully understand how they lost it though apathy, ignorance, and trickery to the overlords of darkness, and how that lost free-will was used for negative purposes.

We would have to see through the pretense of the bogus left/right paradigm, so promoted by the well paid, but disingenuous sophists of the corporate media.

Visualize and intend a clean Gulf and shores, with abundant and healthy marine and plant life; and the power and glory of life will once again return to us – the people of Earth.

Visualize and intend an honest US Treasury Department taking back our issuance of money and credit from the private overlords of finance, the International Banking Cartel, and those in our government who help  them steal our money and credit from us. In doing so, the power and glory of life will return to us – the people of America.

With the exercise of enough positive free-will we could end our government’s endless wars, embargos, and tortures on largely defenseless nations and innocent people; and the power and glory of life would return us – the people of America.

With enough positive free-will, we could turn Earth into the paradise the eternal God meant it to be, and the people of Earth could bask in a Golden Age. An age, we brought about, by simply enough of us using   our Godly endowed potential for positive free-will.

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