W. R. McAfee, Sr. (c) Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

“Good news from  the Gulf! Mermaids are real! The bad news is they’ve just been declared extinct.”


Wind, solar, hydrogen, and sources yet unknown are all safe, worthy, feel good headlines for Washington polls and may eventually come true.  But not this century. 

Not if you mean they’ll replace fossil fuels. 

Not when the planet uses 1,000 bbl of oil a second on all things. 

Not when there is no oil shortage.

Hydrocarbons account for 99 percent of the globe’s transportation platform; electricity 99 percent of its power platform. 

After several years of government subsidies, no clearer picture can be seen of the role alternative energy plays in the overall production of electricity than in the fuel the power industry uses to produce it: 

Coal………………50 percent 
Other Fossils….21 percent 
Nuclear………….21 percent 
Hydro-Electric… 6 percent 
Alternatives….. . 2 percent 
Source: International Energy Agency, 2008 

Studies have been done by the power industry on utilizing free fuels such as mountains of old tires (you’ve seen them), wood, wood chips, and other scrap to power existing generation facilities. The result is that electricity cannot be produced any cheaper than it can be with coal.  At least not in the U.S.; which has an unlimited supply and for which the industry has successfully applied scrubber technology to their coal stacks.

Canada has the same enviable position with its virtually limitless hydro-electric resources. 

None of this would be apparent to someone who just stepped out of a cave and clicked on America’s MSM to hear congress feverishly pushing through its thoroughly discredited global warming tax and scam bill to hand off to its faceless EPA “bad boy” bureaucrats to implement for yet another taxpayer revenue stream straight into their handlers’ (the boys behind the curtain who failed with a similar scam at the Copenhagen Climate Conference) criminal pockets. 

Alternate fuels are not an option. Not now. Not this century. If the problem isn’t a shortage of hydrocarbons, then could the problem may be slick scam artists handcuffing citizens and picking their pockets; of looting? You know, like Wall Street looted the U.S. treasury?

We’ve been working 40 years trying to build an electric car.  Gosh, just can seem to get ‘er done.

What about BP’s giganticus raticus farsicus leak in the Gulf? 

They should have shut that leak down by now. And normally could have. Unless. . . 

Drilling that deep in the ocean may not have been one of the industry’s brighter ideas, according to more and more offshore experts.

Ya think?

Industry papers had already been written as to why. The Russians have successfully drilled that deep—to 40,000 feet—but only on land; and  that by design and for a reason.

What did they find down there? Can you say abiotic oil?

Right now the Russians probably have the best body of knowledge on ultra deep wells. 

Their advice? Be extremely careful. You never know what you’re going to find that deep. He-he.

There are also reports beginning to surface of well-head pressures of 20,000—80,000 psig at BP’s leak, and of leaking fishers on the ocean floor within a 20-mile compass circle out from the well-head. 

If this is true, all bets are off.