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In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart


This has been a banner week for the horses and that’s something that we cannot lay claim to near often enough.

1.)  The new EU rules are about to kick in which will, in effect, make almost every single horse in the US ineligible for human consumption in Europe.

2.)  The Canadian Government is contemplating a bill that will shutter all of the Equine Slaughterhouses that market horse meat for human consumption.

3.)  The EU is investigating the cruelty that is inflicted upon horses in Mexican slaughterhouses, go figure.

And last but not least; the fanatical, lunatic queen of Horse Eaters herself, Wyoming Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis, showed her true slimy and creepy side to Federal employees and the American public as well.  Caught on camera and on voice recorders she was so outlandish and bizarre that she has been stripped of any relevance or credibility what so ever…same for her chum, David Duquette.

So what are the dark little creepy things doing now that they see their entire limp lifeboat slipping under the waves in their self-induced sea of equine blood?  Their loosing their cookies and taking a queue from their Princess of Perversion by spouting nonsense, threats, cuss words and out and out lies.

Let me give you a few examples that have hit the ole comment section here at “Straight from the Horse’s Heart”.  I just HAVE to share these gems with you as it would be rude to keep them all to myself but be forewarned;  if cuss words, stupidity, misspelling, ranting and poor punctuation put you off, then don’t read on as you will be banging your head against the wall wondering how these people function in the real world, let alone the horror that they can reproduce and thereby create more insanity.

Let’s look at letter number one, doesn’t take a real “scientific rocket” to figure out that this person is a kill buyer.  After doing a little internet research I came up with several different options as to who this is but in an effort to protect the innocent, we won’t go public, just yet:

you idiots dont know what your talking about……. these blind crippled and crazy horses are useless….. we need to kill a few hundred thousand more cause we are running out of land for them……. think about it ….we still get money out of them but not much when you used to be able to get 1k for horses for slaughter and now you cant give one away hardly…………later secondchancelivestockco………..

scott hockman

Well golly gosh Scotty, ole buddy, ole pal, ole chum…my heart goes out to you as horse slaughter has never been dead.  Since the shuttering of the plants in ’07 (dat’s “ought seban” in imbecile language)  there have been more horses trucked across the U.S. boarders to be slaughtered than there used to be butchered right here in the good ole US of A, Scotty.  What about dat?!?

Do you think that maybe the market for horses has slumped because, let me think for a moment, ahhhhh, this is going to be difficult to figure out, hmmmmm….no one has a job or any blinking money you social reject?!?!  What sort of rock have you been hanging out under?  Ever pick up a newspaper and read something other than comics or the TV guide?

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