By Ron Ewart, President National Association of Rural Landowners and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues. We are spreading the message of American Freedom around the globe. © Copyright June 14, 2010 – All Rights Reserved    

“The inescapable truth is, until those who seek freedom find the millions of dollars (if not billions) necessary to fund the lobby, judicial and legislative “war” we are in, we might just as well blow into the east wind, or all of us go fishing, because the outcome of this war has been all but decided, and not in freedom’s favor. “______________________

 If a bully moves into your neighborhood and starts to throw his “weight” around, the bully’s neighbors have two choices ….. defeat the bully, or capitulate to his every whim for fear of igniting his wrath.  This is the choice for America and every other country who is forced to confront the bully. 

A bully has been in our “neighborhood” for at least 100 years and all we seemed to have done is to capitulate to the bully’s every whim.  The bully’s whim grows more radical by the day.   But there comes a time when we can no longer ignore the bully.  His whims have entered into our personal lives in a big way and have come into the private, sacred sanctuary of our homes.  Because of our apathy and capitulation, the bully feels emboldened to go even farther with his interference.  Now his interference comes in the form of economic and political enslavement and after that, who knows what?  

Throughout the ages, bullies have come on the scene and in most cases it has taken a bloody revolution to remove the bully.  Bullies like Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Mohamed, King George III, Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, Mao have cost the lives of miilions of souls.  Even the Church has become a bully from time to time.  Now we are faced with the insane, radical Islamic “bully” of Iran, whose name defies pronunciation.  A bully that is supported and coddled by other international bullies at the expense of the free world.  

Those bullies we have mentioned are the foreign bullies that the people have had to confront in their 5,000 year history.  But the more devious bully is the bully who seeks to enslave his own people, in the name of security and for the good of the collective, or for whatever else the bully wants.  Or its for the “children”. 

Or its to save the “planet” from the ravages and the evils of mankind. 

Or it’s an emergency. 

No matter what the motive or the reason for greater control by the bully, the net result is still the same ….. enslavement.  

The slow avalanche to slavery in America was triggered over 100 years ago when presidents, money lenders and the power brokers decided that the masses must be controlled and the perpetrators totally ignored their solemn duty to preserve, protect and defend individual freedom, as the Constitution mandates.  Control came in the form of controlling the money supply through a privately-held central bank ….. the Federal Reserve.  More control came in the form of the Internal Revenue Service who takes our money by force, in the form of aggressive taxes …… taxes that were designed to buy off segments of society for their votes to keep the bullies in power.

Even more control came during the FDR administration in the 1930’s where he unilaterally decided that the people had more rights than were listed in the Constitution.  But all the rights that FDR wanted to deliver came from government, when our unalienable rights came from nature itself.  Any right that comes from government to the people, is paid for off the backs of working Americans and comes with it, a set of chains for both the provider and the taker.  

More control is being forced upon us by the current administration in the form of nationalized health care, nationalizing banks and businesses, draconian energy taxes under “the-name-is-not-the-thing“, Cap and Trade, radical environmental laws and overt financial regulation, that can only result in the subjugation of the American people and the destruction of America’s economy, American way of life, American freedom and liberty and American sovereignty.  What these perpetrators are doing is treason by any definition.  

The force that has arisen to take on the bully, is divided and fighting amongst itself.  Its efforts are laudable, but in the end, ineffectual.  Tea parties, of themselves, will not defeat the bully.  Marches on Washington DC will not detour the bully.  Getting a few conservative candidates elected to public office will not derail the bully.    The bully is entrenched.  It is dug in.  It is intransigent.  It has had over 100 years to solidify its power. 

The bully is not a person or a group, it is an ideology.  An ideology that is diametrically opposed to the principles of freedom and liberty.  It is an ideology that is evil incarnate.  It is an ideology that has been tried and failed throughout history.  It is an ideology that is riddled with corruption.  It is an ideology that is funded by the very taxes it takes from the people by force and thus the people are forced to fund their arch enemy ….. socialism.   It is an ideology that dupes the people through the use of propaganda, hype, distortion, lies and “free” gifts that aren’t free.  It is an ideology that uses trumped up “emergencies” to rationalize greater control over the people.  It is an ideology that rips the foundation of freedom, capitalism, free markets and free choice to shreds, in order to increase its power over the people.  

The inescapable truth is, until those who seek freedom find the millions of dollars (if not billions) necessary to fund the lobby, judicial and legislative “war” we are in, we might just as well blow into the east wind, or all of us go fishing, because the outcome of this war has been all but decided, and not in freedom’s favor

If the socialists win, and they probably will, the only thing that will reclaim liberty, as the people have been forced to do throughout history, is outright, violent revolution and even with revolution there is no guarantee that the outcome will restore the Constitutional liberty that was the vision of our Founding Fathers.  The window of opportunity to prevent civil war or revolution, is rapidly closing.  The rhetoric between the two, vehemently opposing sides is heating up and there doesn’t seem to be anything on the horizon that could defuse the battle that is sure to come between those that are receiving the government’s “free” gifts and those who get to pay for the “free” gifts by government mandate.

  We have decided to leave the battlefield because we do not have the resources to engage the bully effectively.  We shall not rejoin the battle until a serious, united, unified, greater force has been assembled to take on the bully ….. a bully who is hell bent on putting the people in chains and has all but achieved its goal.  Americans have the power and the capability to defeat the bully peacefully, literally overnight, but only if Americans stand as one, by the millions, in the defense of liberty, no matter what the cost.        

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