Marti Oakley (c)Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

“But no doubt, somewhere there is an office of the Potty Czar, dedicated to tracking how much TP you use and how many times a day you use it.” ___________________

One way or another, the corporate federal government is going to chip and tag us.  The first real effort to begin the cataloguing of the people was in 1992 when every state began collecting the dna of every newborn.  Until recently, most people had no idea this was even going on.  Here in Minnesota, not only were most parents not aware of this collection, but none were told it was an opt-in system, not an opt-out.  In other words, they had to agree to have this sample taken, but most were never informed that any samples of this kind were taken at all.  The Minnesota Health department then claimed after 45 days, it owned the dna samples and could sell them for experimentation, or other purposes.  

All dna gathered for any purpose whatsoever is data-based and uploaded not only into CODIS (the criminal database) but also to Interpol (the international data base).  Even the dna of corpses is collected and logged into the system.  The Human Genome Project was launched specifically with the intent to eventually identify each and every one of us through our DNA, and link us immediately to any and all family members; even to extended family members we might not even be aware existed. 

The collection of our DNA and the creation of biometrics, iris scans, thumb printing, facial scanners and multiple other systems and techniques are being used to identify and track us.  Desperate to create some kind of crises that will frighten us into accepting an rfid/ biometric chip, gps enabled, allowing us to be tracked via satellite, every effort is made by those in the District of Criminals to either frighten us into this total surveillance system or legislate us into it.  Of course, they themselves would naturally be exempt from such Orwellian practices what with them being so special and all. 

Cameras are installed in communities all over the country; fusion centers run 24/7 collecting billions of bits of information, the bulk of which is useless to them or anyone else, in an effort to build ever expanding database of everything we do, everywhere we go and any interaction we have of any kind.  Every transaction we make using debit cards, credit cards and even personal checks is reported to the government. Financial information is reported to the IRS and your bank hands over copious amounts of personal information to government agencies, routinely, along with your doctor and hospital, and any other service provider who might have personal information about you of interest to the government;  which is just about everything except maybe your bathroom habits.  But no doubt, somewhere there is an office of the Potty Czar, dedicated to tracking how much TP you use and how many times a day you use it. 

Homeland Security, an agency whose existence is predicated upon surveillance of US citizens, misses no opportunity to gather, catalogue and record billions of bits of information the volume of which is so staggering most of us can not comprehend the actual size and scope of the information being transmitted about us daily; continually. 

We are stalked by the government on the web via internet providers of all kinds, Google being the most invasive, and cannot even communicate with one another with any degree of privacy supposedly because there might be “homegrown terrorists” lurking on the net just waiting to brainwash us into some activity that would scare the government.   And there are the actual threats on the net; the government being the most prevalent with special offices dedicated to doing nothing but stalking the net, tracking where you go, what you view, who you talk to, what sites you might be on, where you left a comment, etc..  They read our emails, keep records of all online chatting, instant messages, and are the creators behind Facebook and MySpace. 

These last two most especially have come in handy.  They now can track your family members, contacts, obtain phone numbers, personal information, family and personal photos and any other information you may be foolish enough to post publicly.  And then there are those of us who honestly think they are saving time or money by banking and handling their finances on line.  Who, in these days and times of continual surveillance and tracking still believes that your financial online transactions are “secure”?  That your personal passwords are a protection, and your personal accounts are not monitored routinely by the government?    

I agree we have a looming threat of homegrown terrorists.  But, usually they are quite easy to identify.  They are your friends, family member or members of your community who decided to go to work for the government.  I tell you nothing is more empowering than taking an average person and giving them unfettered authority to snoop, harass, terrorize and spy on his/her own neighbors or people they never met and never will and then assuring them they will never be held accountable or responsible for violating your rights and liberties. 

We do have homegrown terrorists, the majority of which are hiding behind state and federal government badges and credentials; the worst of these calling themselves senators and representatives and all of these squawk, continually, about national security and protecting the American people.  The American people are in fact, in need of protection….from their own government. 

We are never in more danger, our lives never in more jeopardy than when congress is called to order.  Even in the interim when congress is out of session, the lights are always on at HSD and the data mining never stops.  It would all be just so much easier if we would just give up and go get a chip slipped under our skin.