The rise of corporate federal agencies and the assumption of power


Marti Oakley (c)Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


“As with USDA and FDA, this presumption will target farms, small businesses and independents and drive them out of business while blithely ignoring the real cause of any threat of greenhouse gasses by multi-national corporate contractors who openly engage these corporate federal agencies and buy their way through the system.”


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now using the same propaganda protocol as the USDA and FDA along with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and claiming a “presumption of authority”.  The idea here is to put the presumption claim into the public consciousness as “fact”.  That which is not rebutted, even if it is a fiction, stands as (fact) in the eyes of the law. 

When dealing with any presumptions of authority by any state or federal agency, look to the law that was the catalyst for either creating the agency, or directing its actions.  Neither state nor federal agency is allowed to act outside of the legislative intent.  And, even if they are acting within legislative intent, that intent cannot abrogate or violate your rights. To do so makes the creating law itself void on its inception.  More

Police State in Waiting


Gary Rea (c) copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


Despite what is known about current abuses of the Bill of Rights, the United States is actually a latent police state, waiting to happen. All that is necessary to make it a fully overt police state is a single declaration of a “state of emergency” from the President of the United States – whomever he may be.
Thanks to a plethora of subversive measures taken by past and present Presidents, as well as Congress (made possible by the Rothschild employed authors of the Constitution, itself), the United States is now poised upon the brink of oblivion. Aside from the many U.N. treaties signed by Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and now Obama, ceding U.S. sovereignty to a rapidly coalescing world government, the most dangerous and insidious of these measures has been a long list of Executive Orders signed by a succession of Presidents:

  • Executive Order 12148: Created FEMA More

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