Americans Call for Urgent Reform in Department of Interior’s Wild Horse and Burro Program

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“Salazar has continued the Bush-era policy of massive wild horse removals off public land leading to the demise of America’s wild herds—burdening the taxpayer with a bill of $3.5 million per month for the 37,000 now incarcerated wild horses. Since Salazar’s appointment, over one dozen herds have been zeroed out with at least another five on the chopping block for fiscal year 2011.” 


The Gulf and Western Public Lands suffer under Salazar and Baca’s LeadershiMore

U.S. Troops on the border: What does it mean?

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By Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative reporter
While Washington appears to be taking action on the border by sending U.S. troops, the rules of engagement don’t apply because there are none. The U.S. Border Fire report has learned that the number to be sent is unknown and that the few being sent are just going to be deployed to desk jobs and will only help out in logistics. These details only surfaced after President Obama received a call from the Mexican President. More

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