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“All across America we see people who grew up in front of television screens, and attended government controlled curriculums from kinder-garden to doctorate degrees. They have been exposed to corporate/government controlled information from cradle to grave, and are as self-centered as any society in history.”******************

Part 3 

I can still remember the fierce independence of the families I was boarded with as a child while my parents were on the road. They were country folks for the most part and could ill afford another mouth to feed, but few could resist the pleas of my mother and accepted the responsibility as just part of life’s requirement to help people that needed it.

Most of these folks left a permanent imprint on my world view, without my awareness of course, but there none the less, and what I remember most is the frugal life style and commitment to honesty and hard work. Their close family ties meant someone was always there in time of need, and their reliance on God was real and apparent in all their actions. The children were quite, well behaved, and the parents were loving and attentive. The evenings were spent with stories and reading from Scripture, and some even had a monopoly game. They made me feel at home.

Compare that lifestyle to today’s rat race of driving children to their government controlled schools, and racing off to work. There is little, if any time left in the average parent’s day for reflection on anything, and certainly not confronting anything serious like studying about how their country is going down the tubes.

All across America we see people who grew up in front of television screens, and attended government controlled curriculums from kinder-garden to doctorate degrees. They have been exposed to corporate/government controlled information from cradle to grave, and are as self-centered as any society in history. They are goal oriented, and their goal is money, and recognition. They are completely socially separated from the society that built this country. They are movers and shakers in their own mind, and have no consideration for, or awareness of the less fortunate. They are accustomed to being told what to think, so there was never a need to address their intellectual development, and entertainment became an addiction.

Can you imagine the effort it will take to convert this kind of society back to a self reliant, hard working, can do, mentality? People, who have hired someone to do all of their manual chores, are not prepared to handle the problems they will encounter in the near future. They will reject these new obligations, and demand government intervention for all their needs. That’s what they have relied on all their life, and they won’t accept personal responsibility for solving problems, because they can’t.

So yes, I believe there has been a Societal Separation in America, and we who are willing and capable of starting over and rebuilding a new country State by State are going to be confronted with a lot of internal resistance by people who consider us useless eaters. This will not be a job for the faint of heart because this time the country won’t be populated by a universal can do attitude, and the hard work of rebuilding will be constantly retarded by the remnants of the former (me) society.

The rebuilding of America will be a thrilling challenge for strong backs and can do minds, but never think it won’t be bloody, and heart breaking. This is the price of withdrawing from local governance because it was so full of people looking to use it for their advantage. In the future we must dominate local government permanently with men/women of conscience and capability, and a willingness to be held accountable. When a Captain cannot control the course of his ship, he is replaced and future governments must hold fast to accountability.

Many people seem to think that societies just evolve from life style improvements and remain unaware of the effort put into manipulating social attitudes by the corporate/government monopoly on information, and this problem will not go away on its own. New people will rise up with the same old intent of controlling everything they can, so we must be diligent in designing the preparatory requirements for public office. As for myself, I would require a person to be capable of writing a book that showed his/her comprehension of the duties involved and their political view. If a person is not capable of elucidating their knowledge in writing, I would not support them just because of their stage presents or public speaking skills.

Small businesses and home schooling must be encouraged to develop family ties and the children’s intellectual development, and critical thinking skills. I might add that the family that prays together stays together and develops a dependency on God.

As much as I dislike doing it, this article would be incomplete without bring up the number one problem that secession faces, and most of you readers will know it’s not considered politically correct to attack people or hurt their poor little feelings in today’s America. However, our biggest problem is the very large number of people who have turned to socialism. They are not just another political party, they are the real terrorist in America, and there is no way we are going to build a free society with them in any form of power. They are literally going to have to be discriminated against, along with communist and communitarians, and excluded as undesirables.

I’m well aware of the brain washing we have been exposed to, but to allow enemy soldiers to fight along side our loyal troops is insane. The idea that all people deserve equal opportunity has been used to create an insurmountable problem and few there are who will address this problem. There is a big difference between being a racist and being stupid, and it is down right stupid to allow ones enemy to help build a Free State. We have been snookered into trying that before. IT DID NOT WORK!

America has made much progress on throwing off atrocious human behavior, and there is still much work to do in that endeavor, but “United we stand, and divided we fall” is not just a worthless slogan, we have proved beyond doubt its true.

This time our leaders are going to have to be men who think with their own mind, believe in the preservation of freedom, and do what is necessary to sustain it. We are not bigoted by protecting our freedom from known enemies, and I am convinced that the two societies cannot live together in peace, and this will be the one thing they will scream the loudest over. Their objective is totally opposite of ours, and it will infuriate them to be excluded. Personally, I don’t think it’s smart to sleep with fleas, and Amos 3:3 says it best, “Can two walk together, if they are not agreed?”

So here’s the bottom line on the Societal Separation of America. I believe it was the necessary experience for people to understand the importance of remaining involved in their government, and above all else to demand a continuity of political ideology. Time will tell if people have the guts to live free from tyrannical governance.


James P. Harvey


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