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Result of BLM’s lack of care – Photo by Laura Leigh 
Fallon, NV (May 21, 2010)—On Sunday, May 16th, visitors and humane observers to the government holding pens in Fallon, Nevada found injured wild horses and photographed a starving, emaciated colt among the 2,100 mustangs. The young colt had clearly been struggling for multiple days and was not placed in a hospital pen with his mother. Advocates alerted Bureau of Land Management (BLM) staff to the colt’s poor condition. After the facility closed the only veterinarian, responsible for the care of over 3,000 horses at two BLM facilities, was called in and euthanized the colt. The Washoe County Sheriff is currently investigating multiple incidences of animal abuse at the Fallon Facility. 

“We have been saying for months that one veterinarian is not adequate to monitor thousands of wild horses and now more than 300 foals,” states Ginger Kathrens, Director of the Cloud Foundation. “If volunteers were allowed on a regular basis to view these horses the death of this little colt might have been prevented.”

Foals are not counted in BLM records and the deaths are not listed in the BLM daily reports. The emaciated colt’s death is in addition to at least 90 fatalities to date as a result of wintertime Calico roundup in Northwestern Nevada.

The BLM allows only ten people to visit Fallon one time per week, on Sunday, for a couple of hours despite repeated requests for increased access. Tours are currently postponed and may be cancelled permanently despite a clear need to observe recently castrated males, pregnant mares and young foals.

“These horses were taken off the range because BLM claimed they were at risk of dehydration and starvation, the reasons given for destroying this captive foal. These deaths are avoidable. Northern Nevada’s precipitation is 128% of normal,” explains Terri Farley, author of the famed Phantom Stallion Series. “Born in the wild, instead of suffering in a fenced sand box, the foal might have lived.”

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