Live Link:   A Nation Beguiled

James P. Harvey


Before I was fully retired, like most people, my focus was on supporting my family. There was not much time in that endeavor to think about much else, and again I believe most working class people experience about the same thing. There are exceptions of course, but for the most part I found that people just did not realize they were living the American dream on borrowed time. In fact, many are still unaware of their loss of freedoms, and God given rights. Many more are somewhat aware, but unconcerned due to a false sense of security. After all, this is America, right?

Due to having a natural sense of individualism, I have always been a non-conformist, and once I had the time, I set out to discover why so many people just went along with whatever they were told. Many years later that objective had been subdivided into hundreds of subjects, and I found that I had a higher sense of how people the world over are manipulated from cradle to grave, and for the most part, with their consent.

To make a long story short, many Americans have been influenced from an early age to have a high degree of emotional patriotism that makes them unwilling to face the true history of American politics’. Let’s face it, who wants to know something bad about a loved one? Who wants to admit they have been beguiled from childhood? They have become unwilling to let go of a myth, because to do so, hurts so much.

American exceptionalism is the result of this false sense of value, and trying to change some ones mind that really believes whatever America does is right, is nearly impossible, UNLESS, some person or event convinces them the time has come to have an open mind, and really study both sides of  compulsion to surrender our National Sovereignty to a Global Community.

Once that commitment has been reached and sufficient study has been accomplished, there arises the inevitable crisis of having to ask ones-self; now what the hell do we do? I’ve been there, and done that, and then had to search for the most plausible solution. When I found it, I then had to readjust my child-hood patriotism to a more sensible loyalty to the principles of freedom instead of a tyrannical monolithic nationalism.

There is no getting around it, our present United States Government is out of control, and we have no means of changing it. Assuming your loyalty is to the America we were taught to love and die for, there is only one peaceable way to save it, and that is by going back to the very beginning, and reclaiming individual State Sovereignty, and redesigning a new confederation of States that clearly elucidate the agreements.

If this sounds impossible, it has been done before, and is a lot better than having no say so in the formation of a global government at all. This is where we’re headed, whether you want to believe it or not. You have everything to gain by studying the material I send out, and everything to lose by refusing to be open-minded.

Without a controllable government, we will be slaves to people we have never heard of, and there will be no way to recover our freedom, because the whole world will be against us. Our own government already is, and you can see how hard it is to get them to listen.