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The Big Experiment: West versus East

David McElroy, Political Action, Political Philosophy

By David A. McElroy                      May 17, 2010

The CIA is the banksters’ intelligence agency…the tail wagging the federal dog in covert terror!___________________________________________

We are fast approaching the culmination of the “American Experiment”, and the “Hope and Change” elitists have long been planning for in their Hegelian efforts. They have tested the West against the East, the Carrot against the Stick. The best of both worlds is not what they have in mind for us. Don’t be snowed in a blizzard of smaller distractions….be aware of the big picture!

Changes are happening at breakneck speed now and even professional pundits and other buzzards feeding on the offal streaming from the District of Criminals cannot keep up with the oppressive flood. Multitudes of frightening bills, regulations, appointments, press releases, and court rulings emanating from the stench have motivated millions. Even many Obamatrons are waking from their trances to join TEA party protests.  But be aware that all of this “New World Order” activity was laid out long ago, even as America was being born.

Colonists in America were just starting to chafe under Britain’s king and contemplating their freedom when Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria was organizing lodges of Freemasonry to build a base for the Illuminati. Many colonial leaders, like George Washington, belonged to such lodges in America. Elites used the lodges to meet, discuss, and dispatch their plans across continents under cover of the fraternity‘s largely naïve lower ranks engaged in fellowship and charity.

With the Illuminati came the Age of Enlightenment and the modern scientific method, the quantification of all things studied, the basis of sound experiments. They expected to trump Faith with Reason, religion with science, and the foundations for Darwin, Marx and Engels, was laid.  The Old World was to be pitted against the New World in testing various facets of social engineering…government, economy, infrastructure, industry, and education. Bankers and scientists were fielded, protected, as elitist tools in both worlds. Often they were the sons of the elite, commissioned as the enumerators of things, the tallymen measuring the results of carrots and sticks applied. Quantitative analysis, statistics, is the basis of governing the modern state.

America was blessed with the test of the carrot, and the promises of liberty and land protected by property rights and the right to bear arms in a republic of citizens’ representative government. With hard work and education came personal prosperity. Of course, the elite had reasons for extending the carrots to shiploads of immigrants who were often unwelcome at home.

Settlers had the “White Man’s Burden” of “Manifest Destiny” to seize the land and kill the natives they could not subdue. Reservations were established by which to destroy native culture, persuade “Indians” the pursuit of paychecks and taxes was the way for modern men to go, under the Rule of Law. Horace Mann said “Go west, young man!”, and millions did, even from Europe. Many pioneers prospered, many failed.

From sea to shining sea the vast wilderness was developed, forests felled, fields and farmhouses, barns and shops and factories, mines and mills popped up everywhere along roads and railroads snaking across the land. After many newcomers did the hard labor to develop profit, big corporate types often took it away from them, despite Andrew Jackson’s railing against the barons of banking in their defense. But the carrots were plentiful and America developed the world’s largest, best educated middle class.

The Old World was unfortunately slated for the stick. That land had long been settled and well developed by royal families. They already had maps and deeds, charters, castles and serfs in abundance. Elitists already owned it , and they tend to only invest other’s assets in new ventures.

Royalty had sent forth their ships of war and plunder to subdue the New World and establish colonies. King George III financed both sides of the Revolutionary War in America, hedging his bets. France was an on and off ally/foe. The revolutionary period saw Napoleon make a mess of Europe after the French Revolution became a chaotic unprincipled bloodbath he ended. Baron Rothschild profited hugely by Waterloo. The Illuminati always quietly orchestrate things and covertly control the opposition. Queen Victoria ruled the first truly global empire with a very ladylike iron fist. The Austrian empire fell. Spain, Germany, and the others were roiling also.

Capitalists in the West financed Marx and Lenin in the East. Assassinations, wars, coups, famine, revolutions, and criminal cartels were constantly hammering the people. Discipline was often harsh…remember Vlad the Impaler? The middle class was small, and severely obligated to the elite, constantly losing and rebuilding on the move. Recall The Sound of Music as the Von Trapp family fled to find safe haven in Switzerland. But certain families always retained vast wealth.

The Swiss haven’s neutrality underscores a major point. It has remained a neutral nation to provide safety primarily to international bankers…who profit hugely from both sides in this great global contest in times of war. The United States has perfected the warfare state with  perpetual war and financing not only the military/industrial complex feeding the war, but the myriads of mercenaries and contractors tasked with rebuilding shattered cities and infrastructure in ravaged nations. Banksters profit obscenely coming and going. With government bailouts they socialize losses and liabilities while regulation privatizes elite capitalists’ profit and privilege.

Note the Bank of International Settlements, the godfather of central banks everywhere in the world, is located in Switzerland. The BIS can bring the Federal Reserve Bank to heel, make Ben Bernanke sit and beg, or roll over and play dead! Central bankers, such as Bernanke and his dark overlords in the BIS have full diplomatic immunity under international law….and their bank premises legally are regarded as sovereign territory beyond the laws of the nations they are found in. Recall that old tv show Alias where a CIA agent was working a rogue spy agency housed in a Swiss bank and utilizing the bank’s secure data transmission facilities and security for covert criminal purposes?

Does this make you think? Think Illuminati. They make the mafia look like petty thieves, and include such luminaries as the House of Rothschild and the House of Windsor. The CIA is the banksters’ intelligence agency…the tail wagging the federal dog in covert terror!

I list three important patterns history has revealed in illustrating the future for us as Americans are brought to their knees in the New World Order, patterns not found in textbooks or Hollywood productions. But look for yourself, read widely, and compare notes. Google while you still can!

1.  In any society, people learn and develop ways and means, and many will become well educated and prosperous people we now identify as middle class…people with political awareness and discretionary income, who travel and communicate with other communities. When a critical mass of these people become aware of the level of deceitful manipulation being used by the elites to defraud and oppress them, they begin to argue with and oppose the elite.  Then the rulers will cause a crisis or outright massacre to destroy the rising middle class and reduce the remaining population to fearful ignorance. Do you recall the murderous Pol Pot?

2.  The ruling elite often use promises to take premises. Uncle Sam took land from the Native Americans in various actions, before or after, their conquest. Peace treaties and agreements for compensation and humane considerations were routinely broken after the government obtained what they wanted the tribes to surrender.  The Federal Reserve notes we take for money are really promissory notes, or I.O.U.s! But if we don’t tender enough of their increasingly worthless paper we garner with real goods and labor, the elite will, in fractional, fraudulent banking practices, garnish our wages, real goods and real estate…even take our liberty, at gunpoint.

3.  Compassion and diversity are hyped to bring new people of foreign cultures across national borders as refugees, cheap labor, cultural exchanges, and immigrants. Nations were in times past defined as distinct cultures with a given ethnic heritage, language and customs, which are now overwhelmed by compassion and “celebrating diversity” designed to confuse issues and breed animosity. In promoting the alien culture, innocent immigrant groups are used as a Trojan Horse to bring concealed enemies within the gates. Politicians covertly develop polarity and then take the podium to referee the fight and milk both sides for political capital. Look to the histories of Uganda, Angola, the Balkans, Palestine and Vietnam, among countless others.

At first the newcomers are welcomed and innocuous, like the Pilgrims. But their numbers grow and they become more demanding. Rioting leads to civil war, and in the NWO, the International Community addresses the issue.  Possession is 90% of the law, they say, and look at all these people…this must be their land! The United Nations will then act to partition the land and the world will be told by the media that the people of that nation have reached agreement with a treaty. But few natives who received the privilege of surviving there had any voice in it. Foreign aid is merely the act of poor people in wealthy nations being forced to reinforce the rich people in poor nations in a global hegemony detrimental to world peace. As Al Capone said, “one lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than twenty men with guns!”

CONCLUSION: The result of the “enlightenment” via the Carrot and Stick experiment is a fusion of East and West in a fascist model. Fascism is the wedding of private corporate powers with official government powers in a rigid socialist state. Do you recall Operation Paperclip in which the United States smuggled in Nazi elite scientists like Werner Von Braun? That was a political DNA injection whereby the “captains of industry” gained vast new technological powers. Red

China is openly lauded as the model for a global estate, a communist regime that had practiced the stick severely in Mao’s Cultural Revolution yet found the value in offering a few capitalist carrots. Those of us not eliminated as “useless eaters” will serve in sweat shops for meager subsistence in a repressive and heavily monitored environment where we are afforded no rights, no respect, no privacy, and no hope, in a matrix of deceit. The change will be barbaric. Think of life in a Klingon slave colony.

The Enlightenment has only served to bring science and technology to bear against us in the hands of sophisticated barbarians! Sophistication is not civilization! The Golden Rule was coined by the most civilized man ever to walk the Earth. Christ Jesus was a libertarian, the way, the truth, and the life. The truth shall make you free. He was crucified unjustly after challenging the money changers overtaking God’s House. Freedom is the answer; don’t be confused. Confusion is Satan’s stock in trade. Live free or die: you choose!