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While our Border Patrol and law enforcement agencies along the southern border are attacked on a daily basis by drug cartels and others, our government sits idly by and does virtually nothing. Jim DeMint’s recent attempt to pass legislation to finish the fence was rejected; this while American citizens are kidnapped, tortured, harassed and terrorized and murdered in the war that is escalating on our southern border. 

Eric Holder, our current Attorney General, like all his predecessors, has refused to perform his duty under Title 8 of the USC and defend the border.  Instead our border agents and law enforcement are prohibited from taking any action in defense of that border, even as they and the communities around them are attacked in life threatening situations.   

The State Department and other government talking heads, along with a dutifully controlled and compliant MSM (for morons) continues its propaganda about how the cartels are armed with weapons supposedly purchased from gun dealers along the border or, that they are being bought off the streets elsewhere in the US and shipped down to Mexico.

The truth is most of the weapons these cartels use are military grade.  The same weapons manufacturers who supply our military are multi-national corporations operating all over their world selling their wares.  Do these look like anything American citizens use or own?

A Zeta Training Camp was located outside of Higueras, Nuevo Leon in a mountain range.

Weapons found:

124 long arms (AR-15, AK-47, Shotguns)

15 pistols

2 Barret .50 caliber rifle

77 40 mm grenades

32 fragmentation grenades

4 40 mm grenade launchers

3 RPG launchers

2 RPG rockets  

3 M-72 LAW rockets

1,375 rifle magazines (various types)

5,643  rounds of ammunition (various types)

15 SUV (6 armored) 

10 homemade spike strips made of heavy chain with welded heavy duty nails.

72 bullet proof vest

Homeland Security head Napolitano said recently that she was pleased with the progress being made on the border.  Apparently, all is going as planned.  I can only assume from this statement that the elevation in drugs, crime and the terrorizing and murder of US citizens along the border is making her happy. 

The carefully constructed mantra that is delivered via the propaganda machine operated by the government would have those of us here in the US believe that the cartels are armed with weapons used for hunting or small arms for personal self defense; must be why Clinton went to the UN and signed that small arms treaty agreeing to disarm private US citizens by 2012. The drug cartels will be so happy!  And so will the Mexican government. 

The Zeta drug cartel is actually comprised of former Mexican military either trained by Mexico or in the cross-training exercises with the US military.  Special schools have been set up for these exchanges supposedly to train non-commissioned officers and other senior enlisted personnel.  Armed with this training from the US, many of these newly educated “officers” get discharged and join the cartels.  Others just walk away from their service obligations, as most of those in Zeta have, and set themselves up in the drug business or join an existing cartel. 

Every government in the world is selling off older or excess weapons to anyone who has the cash.  Our own government routinely sells weaponry including many like those seen here in this recent raid on a Zeta cartel camp, to the same countries they claim are our enemies.  During the Bush Crime administration over 5 billion worth of military weapons was sold at one time to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and Somalia.  And these sales continue today.

The Faster Times: Excerpted

“This bundle of sales was first announced in 2007, and included 10-year military assistance packages of $30 billion for Israel and $13 billion for Egypt, as well as an assortment of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) proposals worth roughly $20 billion to be spread among the Gulf nations of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan and Qatar.”

It is far easier for the drug cartels to buy from places other than the US and more beneficial to them also.  Purchasing from other countries allows them to obtain larger quantities of deadlier weapons, most of which are military grade, and they can have them delivered directly to them; they don’t need to risk running the border with a truck load of what amounts to pea shooters when they can obtain grenade launchers and AK 47’s among other things far more deadly. 

In the meantime, while Mr. Holder stares out his office windows and Napolitano basks in the warm glow of the knowledge that an all out war is escalating against American citizens and, the agents who for some reason continue to try and defend the border and show up for work each day despite the fact that they are prevented at every turn from actually doing their jobs; that all is progressing nicely.  It gives her the warm fuzzies I guess.

The signing of this UN piece of crap, abrogating the 2nd amendment rights of US citizens, should make the mass migration of drugs and crime into the country far easier.  After all, we can’t have a fence, our border agents can’t do much other than pick up some of those who come across in droves, Our Attorney General has no intention of doing anything to protect the border, and Ms. Napolitano seems to think every thing on the border is just peachy and President Obama, just like Bush before him has said he has no interest in sending the military to defend the US border.

Now think about this:  You owning a handgun or hunting rifle or shotgun are somehow a threat to national security and to the world, so much so that Clinton signed away your rights to own one with the UN  …and yet…….these weapons, owned by the drug cartels don’t appear to bother her or the UN, too much at all.