By W.R. McAfee, Sr.___________________________

“Want to know why they’re pushing GMOs on Africa and every other poor country in the world, Gates notwithstanding? Read this. The elite brethren always couch their agendas as “. . programs to help the less fortunate or save humanity (from global warming).”

Pigs fly, too.” ___________

Paid pitchmen constantly hawk the global marionettes’ agenda through America’s propaganda outlets (aka MSM); making sure the people know what to think about.  Waco. Oklahoma City.  9/11.  “Terrorists.”  “War on Terror.” Anthrax “attacks.” Bird flu.  Swine flu. Pandemic.  Pandemic vaccinations. “To big to fail” (give us trillions).  Global warming.  Genetically modified (GM) food.

Stables of retired generals can be trotted out to “explain” the latest “war,” and experts of any stripe can be gathered to promote a pitch. MSM studios and microphones are routinely turned over to bureaucratic wonks or CFR member-reps to prep the public’s mind for their latest manufactured crisis.

Some of their schemes have no public prep, though. America was deliberately blind-sided with GM food beginning in the Nineties (or thereabouts), for example. There were no public debates or alerts about its dangers; no labeling of GM food by processors or seed manufacturers; no red flags about what people were eating.

When these GM foods were quietly okayed by the FDA for consumption in America, world scientists familiar with the technology as well as those associated with the biotech industry itself, tried to raise alarms about possible health issues associated with the consumption of GM food. They were stone-walled by the industry, media, and government. ( Michael Taylor, former Monsanto official,  serves as senior advisor to the FDA commissioner today.)

Now, many Americans who’ve researched the dangers of GM foods ( and vaccines )on the Internet are beginning to wonder about reports of the sudden emergence of some 50 million Type II diabetics this decade. So many children have it now that they no longer call it Adult Onset Type II Diabetes. Americans also are wondering about the major increases—and causes of—autism , asthma, allergies, so-called ADD, low male sperm counts.  (Not to worry. Big Pharma is standing by with  pills and vaccines.)

Today, GM products are in an estimated 95 % of America’s soybean crop, 80%  of the corn (think also fructose corn syrup) and canola crops; and are probably  in 75% (+) of all American food; including tomatoes, potatoes, sugar beets, cotton.  The list goes on.

Until the American Academy of Environmental Medicine issued a warning about GM food, little was known—or said publicly—how it might affect humans long term because independent studies done on people who consumed it were (and are) virtually non-existent.

Yet, the global marionettes must have had some doubts about the safety of their GM seeds and food. Otherwise, Rockefeller, Gates, and the global biotech corporations wouldn’t have built a natural seed vault repository inside a remote arctic mountain—Svalbard—northeast of Norway.  It’s called the Doomsday Seed Vault .

The good news is that millions have become aware, thanks to the Internet, of the possible dangers of GM foods and have stopped eating them; turning instead to non-GM and organic food, or growing it themselves in gardens.

Did I mention the people behind the curtain are going to try and make it illegal to grow a garden (without a permit), can your own produce, and share or sell your canned goods at church festivals and county fairs courtesy of S.B. 510   (if it  passes this week)?

Whole Foods and other natural grocery outlets along with the organic industry  have pressed ahead, initiating a GM-free labeling program  for the food they sell—which is the number one double-digit annual growth market in America’s  food industry today.  This non-GM steamroller coming down the middle of the road has the boys behind  the curtain scared spitless at the possible loss of revenue.   More and more people are finding out about their Frankenfoods (as the Europeans call them), and are voting with their pocket books at the checkout counter; Big time.

Some European countries had banned GM foods, or have in place strict GM regulations requiring labeling and testing of GM products.  Globalists who run the EU from Belgium recently forced these countries to lift their bans on GM food and accept it. 

Their American biotech GM food brethren are salivating.

How this plays out with the European consumers remains to be seen.

Beginning to see a pattern here?

America is the world’s biggest consumer of GM food; a giant human lab with no labeling, regulations, or safety checks on the GM products they’re consuming.

Today, international researchers are finding reproductive and other major problems among animals fed GM food.  Jeffery Smith, author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette, has also reported on a new study recently completed in Russia confirms fears about mammal sterility from GMOs. An American farmer discovered the same thing.

Now comes Bill Gates offering several billion dollars through his foundation for GM food aid to Third World countries along with several billion for vaccines “. . .to help the poor people of the world.”

On a recent speaking tour of colleges where he gave 30-minute lectures, he let slip his philosophy of population control and its importance in the “. . .fight to combat global warming,” a thoroughly discredited hoax. Here’s what he said.

It appears the Gates Foundation supports population reduction which, if the animal studies are right and the effects of GM food consumption transfer to (and affect) humans, then the scope and ramifications of what the other mega-rich are doing with their money is enormous and self-serving where humanity is concerned.  Either they are not aware of the international research done and the findings or, if they are, have no qualms about funding the administration of these GM foods and vaccines for the world.

What makes this even more problematic is that Gates’ running companions believe four-fifths of earth’s current population (about five and a half billion people) need to be phased out; not the trifling 10-15% he mentioned during his talk.

The Wizards of Oz are already on record and at work with what appears to be their “eugenics-to-save-resources” agenda as we speak; reducing populations with aids (ever wonder how it got loose in Africa?  Hint: It wasn’t because of promiscuous chimps), current ‘terrorist wars,’ radiation contamination (depleted uranium – DU) in the Middle East and the Balkans, an engineered “pandemic,” dangerous “pandemic” vaccines, GM food that sterilizes animals.  The list goes on.

Operations and agendas like these are among the elite’s aphrodisiacs. They define themselves with their wealth, “power,” and [their human] genetic entitlements—noblesse oblige—not as citizens of a Constitutional Republic or a democracy with a Bill of Rights for protection against people like them.

Regardless, the globalists were glad to see Gates climb aboard the agenda train.  They needed him onboard; as one of them.  Because people listen when Bill Gates talks; ergo, when he talks, he needs to be talking the globalists’ agenda. Like Obama. Like Dubya. Like Clinton. Like GHW. 
Want to know why they’re pushing GMOs on Africa and every other poor country in the world, Gates notwithstanding? Read this.

The elite brethren always couch their agendas as “. . .programs to help the less fortunate or save humanity (from global warming).”

Pigs fly, too.

The strange part about all this is population growth in the OECD (developed ) countries is nil—has been for years—and there’s enough land and food to feed nine billion on the planet right now.(The problem lies in getting the food to the people who need it.)

No, it appears The Chosen have decided all the “. . . useless eaters running around the globe are using up resources, causing climate change, and procreating so fast their numbers could become a world environmental and security threat.”

Sound familiar?

Based on the amount of data and information sitting on the Internet today, their end game appears to be to take control the world’s food supply and ‘thin’ the population with it.

Did I mention only GM food will be allowed to be traded among nations according to the rules they’ve written for themselves at their World Trade Organization (WTO); which they’ve co-opted nation representatives to sign without approval of their voters or legislative bodies?

Can you see the pattern yet?

What about the GM seeds they’ve set loose throughout the world?  Ah, maybe that’s why they’ve built their natural seed vault.  You know, in case they have a craving for bowl of organic cornflakes. 

Then again, maybe it’s to insure they have a set of natural seeds tucked away for them selves if their GM seeds get away from farmers and contaminate the world’s natural plants.

Did I mention they’ve  patented a pig and a salmon?

Is this a great planet or what?