by: Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

___If you are too lazy to get up off your butts and support those who are standing up publicly to defend and demand YOUR rights, the least you can do is keep your sorry mouths shut and stop participating and supporting those talking heads who parrot the government line about how these patriots are some kind of big threat to you.”_______________________________________

As a country, I believe we have lost our minds.  The corruption in our government is so pervasive, so extraordinarily blatant and so offensive and yet we allow, and some of us even participate in the castigation of those who have the spine to stand up in their own self defense, and yours too!  Many of us participate in the demonizing of anyone who dares to express not only their discontent, but also their rage over the criminal activities that no one even attempts to hide from the public anymore; and why should they?  When anyone does speak out, MSM(for morons) snaps to attention and immediately begins the demonizing and marginalizing of anyone who would be so foolish as to express their constitutional right and duty, to dissent.

I find it not only offensive but also disgusting that instead of supporting those who are trying to reclaim our sovereign rights as states, as individuals, many of us sit rapturously listening to the white-washed propaganda that pretends to be “news”.  If you are too lazy to get up off your butts and support those who are standing up publicly to defend and demand YOUR rights, the least you can do is keep your sorry mouths shut and stop participating and supporting those talking heads who parrot the government line about how these patriots are some kind of big threat to you.   The only people who need to fear the patriot movement are the same people who are dismantling this country a piece at a time and those people go by titles such as senator, representative, secretary, czar, and yes, even president.  And there are more than a few big corporations who are vested stakeholders in this too, and want this movement stopped by any means possible. 

And what did we do about this?  Some of us actually got up and started registering our discontent.  It seems obvious the discontent is widespread and has reached epic proportions.  The first attack was on the Tea Party movement; the name taken from an historical event important to our national history.  MSM(for morons) moved quickly to paint these Tea Party’ers as “radical-right-wing-nuts”.   That didn’t catch on quite as well as was hoped, so they then moved on to a more salacious depiction that was quite pornographic in its intent.  Too many people found that offensive although some national media figures still attempt to throw it in just for good measure. 

Next we moved on to racism….yeah, that’s the ticket!  Why!  There aren’t any black people or Latinos; not one person of color in these movements.  These are all republican, white racist, neo-nazi, militia groups that are fighting to restore our constitutional republic and they won’t let any people of color in!  Oh! I’m so shocked!  I had no idea!  I will have to call my dark skinned friends who attended some of these meetings with me and inform them they are actually white people.  They have to be…..otherwise they couldn’t have been at these rallies.  They, like me are also recovering “democrats”, so this could be  difficult.  After all, I have to not only convince them they are actually white people, but also they are republican right-wing-radical-religionists, militia, skinheads, Nazi’s and god knows what else.  This will surely come as a shock to all of them.  But, once I convince them they are white people, things should be easier from there. 

Even Keith Olbermann, a broadcaster I formerly admired, stooped to having the odious Mr. Potok from the Southern Poverty Law (Lie) Center on his show somberly and solemnly discussing the terrible threat looming from the new “militia” movement.  Now, I have no doubt there are those out there who will take things to an extreme; there always has been.  But these are not associated with the patriot movement, unless of course you are Mr. Potok who makes his living selling hate and propaganda, a job which the government is quite willing to pay him handsomely to do, and then of course everyone who is fighting back against this governmental coup that is destroying our nation is now a thinly veiled “militia group”.  (Oh! Stop!  You’re scaring me!)

Every attempt has been made to label these groups, whether they be Tea Party, Oathkeepers, constitutionalists, whatever… some kind of threat to the country.  Think about that for a moment.  Groups who are fighting to preserve our country and the men and women who took an oath to defend this country, are being portrayed as un-American.  Imagine that.  Those out there who actually intend to honor their oaths, to uphold our Constitution, our right to be free; those who refuse to follow any orders that violate your rights or would cause you undue harm…..and we allow them to be labeled as extremists and militia groups and call them names?   How pathetic is that? 

Even the Southern Poverty Law (Lie) Center devotes copious amounts of time and energy compiling blacklists of groups and individuals they claim are “dangerous, radicals, racists, and of course the dreaded “MILITIA”.  Bingo!  This one struck home with the couch potatoes who tune into MSM(for morons) on a daily basis.  This was the excuse they needed to remain unengaged and they buy into all the propaganda and believe all the hype about how dangerous these “patriot” groups are.  The only truly dangerous people in this country are those who sit and do nothing while everything around us is taken from us, even our Constitution.

So sit there you potato heads, and suck up the garbage and propaganda that passes for “news” and when you lose your job because your company closed down due to the economy or lack thereof, or your home to a corrupt financial institution, or when what passes for senators and representatives rams through another unlawful and unconstitutional law that further limits your rights and liberties, invades your privacy, confiscates your property and sells the actual rights to life to some bio-piracy corporation making it illegal for you to even breath without paying them a fee, think about those people who stood up and tried to fight back against all the corruption. 

The patriot movement is a threat only to those who are working towards total tyranny.