This group should be charged under the hate crimes act: Southern Poverty Law (Lie) Center

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by: Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved


“Far from being the self proclaimed moral compasses they claim to be, SPLC is a purveyor of distortions, fabrications, and outright smear campaigns against the patriot community”


Southern Poverty Law (Lie) Center:  This group should be charged under the hate crimes act for intitiating the targeting and public degradation of the patriot movement.

Whatever the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) started out to be, (and research shows this was questionable) it is now intolerable, defined by its intolerance of anyone or any group who doesn’t adhere to its ever changing blacklists comprised of “who we hate today”.  I will reiterate what I have said before; SPLC is the new McCarthyism.  SPLC is the ADL/South; the Anti-defamation league only slightly more virulent in its targeting and maligning of any who dare to oppose it.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has made a profitable business out of selling hate, propaganda and intolerance.  We should call this group by its proper name” The Southern Poverty Lie Center.

Doing a little investigative research it appears there are big bunches of cash to made peddling hate and SPLC is a pro at raising cash; in fact the business of selling imagined and selective hate data has become so profitable that SPLC might stand a chance of losing its 501c3 tax exemption.


In fact, unknown to most CFC donors, the tax-exempt SPLC flunked an audit by the Arlington-based Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance, which requires that “a reasonable percentage, at least 50 percent of total income from all sources, should be applied to programs and activities directly related to the purposes for which the organization exists.”

…SPLC…spent 89 percent of its total income on fund-raising and administrative costs…

SPLC has become adept at convincing government officials and law enforcement that patriot groups who advocate for the constitution and civil liberties are on the verge of rising up and committing violence; patriots=militia’s, according to SPLC. More

An election looms: throw the bums and bumettes OUT!

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                                      — REMEMBER —

                                  VOTE “NO CONFIDENCE!”


Our ballots in every state should include a “no confidence” voting section.  If either of the candidates from what is now openly recognized as one unitary party, are the only candidates allowed on the ballots, we should have the right and the ability to vote “NO CONFIDENCE” and keep either of them from taking that office.  Leave the seat vacant until a viable and qualified candidate can be found; one selected by the people and not one crowned as the heir apparent by the controlling political insiders.  

The idea that we allow these two factions of the same political machine determine who is allowed on the ballot is insane. 

Having a seat empty in either the House or the Senate could only improve our chances of breaking up the political corruption destroying our country.  And contrary to the hysteria that would errupt from having a seat remain empty, the fact is, no one in either the House or the Senate is working for YOU: you are not represented anyway.   

Do something good for your country.  When you go into that voting booth…don’t pull the lever, push the button, tap the screen or pencil in any Democrat OR Republican.  The one party system of corruption must end.


S.510 Fake food safety bill: Feeding America poison one law at a time

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by: Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


Our food system is not broken as some claim.  It is not dangerous, it is not rife with disease, it is not a threat to anyone and there is no terrorist in a cave somewhere “over there” plotting and planning on how to defecate in a field of spinach just to make a few American’s sick.  If bio-terrorism were an actual threat from foreign agents, they must all be employed by the US government which is currently operating or overseeing more than 600 bio-weapons labs across the US including on every university campus. “


S.510, “FDA Food safety Modernization Act” is a misnomer.  This bill should be more aptly titled “Making America Sick Through Adulteration of Food” act.  Calendar No. 247, S.510 came out of committee and into the Senate on March 3, 2010.  While I am tempted to go through this latest attack on the public, line by line, suffice it to say that it is nothing more than another hyped up reaction to a created crisis that could have been easily taken care of had anyone actually been doing the jobs they are paid to do.

Here’s the problem with our food system in the US: the government refuses to keep its damn nose out of it.  For years we have had to endure the USDA and FDA regulations, codes, rules and other obstacles erected as barriers to commerce and to the agricultural production that has been the back bone of our economy.  A nation is only as successful as its farmers and ranchers; the ability of a nation to feed itself is the greatest deterrent to recessions and depressions.  And by farmers and ranchers I don’t mean industrialized corporate farming for massive profits while we defile everything in sight. 

For every one dollar spent in agriculture, an estimated seven dollars is generated in the over all economy.  We need our farmers and ranchers; we don’t need bloated bureaucracies laden with desk jockeys who have nothing better to do than to create ever increasing and burdensome rules, regulations, statutes and codes that even they themselves cannot decipher and most times can’t even remember.  USDA currently has more than 16,000 rules, regulations and other nonsense on the books.  More

Fake “food Safety” bill……and we still let these people call themselves senators and representatives?

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Will the dangerous “food safety” bill pass?

Probably. There’s too much bi-partisan support in Congress.

But thanks to the Downsize DC Army, and many others, Congress is feeling the heat. Senators are considering amendments to improve their version of the bill. These changes could help to protect  . . .

* Small farms
* Your access to locally grown food

Let’s encourage these changes! Please send a letter telling Congress to protect small farms and your access to locally grown food. 

You may borrow, modify, or copy this letter . . . More

Arizona no longer requires a permit to carry a concealed gun

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by: Michael Webster / Laguna Journal


A new Arizona law allows any U.S. citizen 21 or older to carry concealed weapons without needing a permit from the state first. New Mexico is expected to follow Arizona’s lead.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the law with the no-permit requirement into law recently, The new law will go into effect 91 days after the State Legislature adjourns so it will be early summer of 2010 meaning the law would take effect sometime in the summer, according to reports.
“I believe this legislation not only protects the Second Amendment rights of Arizona citizens, but restores those rights as well,” Brewer, a Republican, said in a statement.

Arizona gun owners can still get concealed-weapon permits under the new law, if they want to, but would not be required. Many Arizonan’s are expected to keep their CCW permit so that when they travel they will be legal in the states that have reciprocating agreement. Also, Arizonan’s wanting permits will see the education requirements change under the new law: classes no longer will have to be set number of hours or include any hands-on use of the weapon. More

Wisconsin: A legal response to an illegal action

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by: Paul Griepentrog (c)copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Testimony to the Assembly Committee on Agriculture regarding AB 279

Voluntary Premises Registration

Whereas this committee has deemed it prudent to hold hearing on this issue at such a late date is in and of itself questionable.  However the Judicial evolution of this issue has brought to light the immediate fact that the presumption of premises registration as a method of disease control to be false and misleading if not outright fraud.  More

Death toll of mustangs rises as BLM begins castrating before court hearing

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Public Alarmed at BLM’s Surprise Start to Castrate Mustangs as Death Toll Rises in Nevada Facility


Media Contacts:                

Makendra Silverman 


Tel: 719-351-8187

Anne Novak


Tel: 415-531-8454

For Immediate Release

New report on equine stress released as Foundation denied access to view the captured Calico wild horses in Nevada 

Reno, NV (April 23, 2010)—Unexpected castrating of captured male mustangs, four years old and younger, by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) started behind closed doors on Friday, April 16th in the Fallon holding pens of Nevada. Many depressed horses with swollen scrotums have been observed. The public understood that the castration of the Calico wild horses would not occur until the In Defense of Animals court case was heard in May as there is a possibility of returning the wild horses to their protected public rangelands. For months, requests for daily monitoring by humane observers have been repetitively denied at the new private facility contracted by the BLM. Now a request to visit the feedlot-style facility by Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation and Emmy-Award winning filmmaker, Ginger Kathrens, has been denied as well. Outraged members of the public will hold protests in multiple cities because of the BLM’s lack of transparency and cruel roundups. The first rally is planned for Sunday, April 25th near Las Vegas at  Red Rocks Park from 12:00- 2:00 p.m.

“BLM seems determined to create a missing generation of mustangs” states Terri Farley, an award-winning children’s author and a plaintiff in the Calico case. “In their care, 86 horses have died, more than 40 mares have aborted their late term foals and now they’ve castrated an undisclosed number of young stallions.”  More

Want billions in grants? Just go “green” even if it means just at the bank

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Going Green……Big money and all of it coming from taxpayers to fund green advocacy groups.  Billions are paid to groups with assets in the millions who pay their execs hundreds of thousands.  The World Wildlife fund, The Nature Conservancy and dozens of others with unbelievable liquid assets get filthy rich off taxpayers.

You can’t trust the FDA; US meat and milk banned around the world


Live link: Mercola.com

You cannot trust FDA, and I say this with a sense of overwhelming sadness but there’s an old French expression saying, “Anyone who is in danger should save himself.” “

Dr. Epstein________________________

One practice in particular makes most commercial meats potentially dangerous to your health, and that’s the practice of implanting cattle with sex hormones prior to entering the feed lot, about 100 days prior to slaughter.

This is done by implanting a pellet containing natural or synthetic sex hormones under the skin of the cattle’s ear. The objective is a financial one, as it increases the meat weight, and hence profits, by about 10 percent, for very little additional cost.

As a result, nearly all commercial meats contain very high levels of sex hormones. Either the natural hormones: testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, or the synthetic equivalent.

“Our meat poses increased risks of hormonal cancers, which have escalated since 1975. Breast cancer has increased by 25 percent, prostate cancer by 60 percent, and testes cancer by 60 percent,” says Epstein.

“Not surprisingly, U.S. meat is banned worldwide like rBGH milk. More

I wonder why all US milk is banned in Europe?

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Live Link:  MERCOLA.com

On March 18, the New York Times ran an editorial titled “Honest Food Labels.” In this article, Dr. Hamburg publicized letters to about 17 or 18 companies, accusing them of masking undesirable ingredients in their products.

She also emphasized the importance of providing information that consumers can rely on.

“Very, very unfortunately, however, she has totally failed to take any such action with regard to two of our major dietary staples; milk and meat,” says Eptein.

“She has excluded milk and meat from undesirable ingredients, and in so doing, she has created the impression that they are safe.

… About 20 percent of our milk is genetically engineered. Technically this is known as rBGH, the small r stands for recombinant, BGH, is bovine growth hormone… This [milk] contains very high levels of a natural growth factor known as IGF-1…

IGF-1 stands for Insulin-like Growth Factor 1. So growth factor 1 is a natural growth factor and is responsible for normal growth but when you drink rBGH milk, you have very, very high levels of this natural growth factor.

When you drink it, the IGF-1 survives digestion and is readily absorbed from your small intestine, into your blood.

Increased levels of IGF-1 have been shown to increase risks of breast cancer and we have about 20 publications showing this; risk of colon cancer [shown] by about 10 publications; prostate cancer by about another 10 publications. More

Insurance discrimination: You can drink, over eat and suck exhaust fumes all day…but if you smoke…

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OpEd: Joseph  Muehlbauer

re: Home Depot and discriminatory insurance rates

Dear Mr. Blake,

I have a concern about a new policy for health coverage. I have been off work due to a collapsed disk in my neck and have recently returned. I have seen a new policy for health benefits indicating I will have a higher premium due to the fact that I smoke. This concerns me on many levels and I question the standard that is set in doing so.

Understand, I will not defend smoking, since I understand the possible health risks due to smoking; however, I do question where this type of policy will take us. I would wonder what the next step will be. I am concerned that, one would assume, similar policies will be enacted for other reasons such as being overweight, being on psychotropic drugs, ingesting fast food with its many chemicals, or using alcohol. Am I to understand that only smoking is cause for higher medical costs? What about associates that live in areas of air quality concerns such as large cities?

There are several (actually 1000’s) of studies done by the EPA linking severe health conditions with exposure to gas fumes and fumes of chemicals that can be found in our very own aisles. Will individuals working in garden have to pay a higher premium since they are exposed to chemicals on a daily basis? I feel these are valid questions that need to be considered. There are also several studies linking obesity and diet to health risks such as high cholesterol, heart issues, diabetes, and general damage to all organs. The list of side effects from taking most medications, such as psychotropic drugs prescribed by doctors, is typically longer than the positive effects. I would suggest that these individuals pay a higher premium since their burden on the health insurance would obviously be substantial. More

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