A national cancer: Support tyranny or you are a terrorist

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By: J. Speer-Williams

“Leading this assault on valid dissent, by concerned Americans, is one of the foremost hate groups in the world: the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). It’s the SPLC that accuses Americans who disagree with the extreme turn toward tyranny our government has taken since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as being so filled with hate that they’ve become terrorists. But like all criminals, the SPLC accuses others of what they themselves are guilty: Hate. Hate of the freedoms, for which America was once known.______________________________

Support, or at least ignore, tyranny or the corporate media might call you a racist, anti-Semite, a terrorist, or all three epithets. Today, vocal, non-violent, civil disagreement or disobedience can be deemed as terrorist activity.

If the federal government labels you as a racist or anti-Semite, they can, with their new “hate” laws, arrest you. If, however, they label you as an “unlawful enemy combatant,” for your out-spoken, anti-tyranny views, “our” government can “legally” have you picked-up, whisked to anyone of over 170 military bases around the world, held indefinitely, and tortured, all with-out charges, or the benefit of any legal defensive, and without any family or friends ever knowing what happen to you. No peaceful revolution is to be allowed in the land of the once brave and free.

As George Orwell wrote, “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

James Bovard, author of Lost Rights wrote, “Americans have been taught to expect their salvation from government, instead of recognizing government as the most dangerous threat they’ll face in their lives.”

No redress of grievances are are to be allowed in our brave new world: Just take the destruction of our way of life and keep your mouth shut … or else. More

“Slaughterhouse Sue”:The Depravity of the “Horse Eaters” Knows No Bounds

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Live Link: Straight from the horses heart

By Michael Van Cassell of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle

The Depravity of the “Horse Eaters” Knows No Bounds

“Slaughterhouse” Sue and fellow horse-eater Dave Duquette lobbying for support amid crowd of killer buyers at recent auctionCHEYENNE — A Wyoming state representative from Recluse is interested in opening a horse slaughtering facility in Laramie County, according to the director of the Wyoming Livestock Board.

Earlier this year, Rep. Sue Wallis, R-Recluse, was one of several legislators to sponsor a bill that allows the “disposal of” stray animals, as opposed to their sale.

“She is interested in doing something with the horses that have no value anymore,” said Jim Schwartz, director of the Wyoming Livestock Board.

Schwartz indicated there are several “investor types” in Laramie County interested in the facility. He deferred questions about the investors to Wallis.

Wallis did not return several messages left on her cell phone Friday, nor was there an answer at her home number.

Derek Grant, public information officer for the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, said such a plant would have to follow the same rules that other meat facilities do in the state.

“We have not received any blueprints or an application for a permit,” he said.

Grant did add that the meat at the potential facility is going to be used for animal feed.

“We don’t really know where it’s going to be,” he said. READ MORE

She loves to kill and eat horses! “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis


live link: Straight from the horses heart

New Tourist Attraction: Horse Meat in Wyoming

By JOAN BARRON – of Trib.com Commentary/Opinion by R.T. Fitch

Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis – a Career Dedicated to Killing and Eating Horses

“It’s been several months since we have heard anything out of the Wyoming Representative whose entire life has been centered around killing and eating horses, Sue Wallis.  An embarrassment to her state, she continues to flail away at the premise that killing horses for human consumption is a good and wonderful thing.  Between setting up a bogus non-profit organization that violates federal and state laws to accusing dozens and dozens of well known American celebrities of taking bribes on the issue,the out of control elected official continues to generate lies and propeganda on the issue of excess horses which her partner in crime, Dave Douquette produces.

Yesterday, information was uncovered on her plans to build a slaughter house that would kill healthy horses and supply their tainted meat to pets and today she still contends that horse meat is safe for human consumption which is in direct conflict with known science and international government assertions.  In the normal world they would put someone like this away; in the fantasy world of “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis she continues to spout bloody lies and attempts to covertly subvert the opinions of decent Amercicans with her bogus organization. More

Our water rights at risk: MN. Jim Oberstr attempting to re-write water rights

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Troubled Waters

 Posted 04/23/2010 07:07 PM ET

Regulation: Rep. James Oberstar wants to rewrite the Clean Water Act. If the Minnesota Democrat gets his way, the federal government will have even greater authority to take private property.

This isn’t Oberstar’s first attempt. In 2007 he also tried to rewrite the water bill. He and others weren’t happy with Supreme Court rulings that defined the limits Washington has over bodies of water that have no nexus to navigable waters.

They want full federal control over all waters.

Consequently, changing the law has become an obsession for Oberstar, and not a harmless one. Should his rewrite become law, property owners will pay.

Oberstar, who represents the 8th District in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, wants to strike from the Clean Water Act the word “navigable,” a restriction in the original bill based on constitutional principles that limit Washington’s regulatory reach.

Without that check, the federal apparatus will have dominion over all waters in America. Rainstorm puddles, mud holes, drainage and irrigation ditches, ponds, intermittent streams and prairie potholes on private lands. These have nothing to do with interstate commerce, but would suddenly be subject to federal rules — as would adjacent property — if the word is removed from the law.

This would be a historic expansion of federal authority and has the potential to be a gross violation of Americans’ liberty.

Farmers should be particularly concerned. The Oberstar bill gives federal regulators the power to police farming practices and to take their land through regulatory restrictions if those practices are deemed to be in violation of the law.

With the federal government already hobbling California farmers by denying them water, in large part due to the Endangered Species Act, Oberstar’s ambition is an existential threat to farms. More

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