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Britt “Kingfish” Craig
Please join me this Thursday live from the border with Minutemen Britt Craig.
Britt Craig is one of only a handful of Minutemen left in Campo.
We will discuss what it is really like on the border, what he sees and
that the incident with Agent Rosas who was murdered on the border.

Craig recalls the day last summer when agent Robert Rosas was killed in the line of duty. Rosas had been parked about 50 yards from Craig’s truck on the evening of July 23, 2009. They had exchanged small talk and joked about Craig’s aggressive Chihuahua.
And that’s probably the last thing he said person-to-person to a human being. He drove off over the hill.”
This was at 8:40 p.m. Around 8:53, Craig heard four spaced gunshots followed by
four fast shots.


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Britt “Kingfish” Craig says he has long felt a deep-rooted sense of appreciation and respect for his country. As a young man, Craig went to Vietnam to defend the American way of life, the national dream forged and handed down to him by his predecessors. Craig was wounded and given a medical discharge, but his sense of duty remained strong.
Craig found a more immediate means of defending the dream in April 2005 at a Minutemen gathering in Arizona. Over 600 vigilantes showed up for the meeting at the border south of Tombstone. In June, Craig and several others relocated to Campo, where for months they contended with student demonstrators who accused them of being racists and over-the-hill eccentrics. As time went by, the fervor of both protestors and fellow
 Minutemen fizzled out.
Now Craig is one of only a handful left in Campo. He sees his time on the border as a way of completing his term of service to the American people,
cut short years ago by the loss of his eye.
“I believe in all my heart that we have the all-around better society here in the United States,” says Craig. “The idea that somebody born in Mexico City can have the birthright of someone born in Los Angeles or Anniston, Alabama, just isn’t right.
It isn’t theirs. It’s ours.”

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