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Regulation Courtesy of Kafka

“Harkin’s S. 510 claims to protect supplements while FDA Creates a Wide-Open Back Door to Destroy Them While We Are Still Celebrating”

Not long ago, a form of Vitamin B6 (pryadoxamine) was forbidden by the FDA because a drug company had studied it and wanted to make it into a drug.  Never mind that it was protected by the 1994 Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA) as a grandfathered item on the “Old Ingredients List”.  Recently the Fraud and Death Administration said that although we know that it had been in use before DSHEA and WAS on the list found on the FDA website, being on the list was not (hold on to your hats here) proof of being on the list and thus not proof of being grandfathered. 

Now, because another drug company wants to make another form of Vitamin B6 into a drug, and it fears, in writing, that people would take the supplement rather than the drug if it were not banned as a supplement, The FDA is considering granting its Citizens Petition to do just that.

Next, walnuts.  Because Blue Diamond refers to studies showing that walnuts can be good for you, they have received a letter from the brutal and deeply corrupt FDA stating that giving out that informaton has turned their product, walnuts, into a drug and, as such, it can no longer be sold in the US.

Absurd?  Yes.  Unexpected? No.  This is precisely what we told you the FDA was up to with their insane and wildly dangerous Draft CAM Guidance of just over two years ago.  So here is the FDA, not able to promulgate this regulation because 688,000 of you wrote to the FDA saying that this criminalization of knowledge and natural health options was not acceptable to you. 

We told you that our victory was significant when they abandoned this guidance, but that they would be back to accomplish the same thing at a later date. 

Well, it’s later now.

And your food AND your supplements are at tremendous risk. The Food and Death Administration is working hand in glove with Big Agribiz, which is really Big Pharma and Big Chema and Big Biotech all rolled into one, to degrade your food to those ghastly international standards known as Codex Alimentarius. 

As always, the Natural Solutions Foundation led the health freedom community in sounding the warning about the fake food and supplement “safety” bills pending before the Senate of the United States. Our supporters have heeded that warning and delivered well over one million messages to Congress demanding NO fake safety bills, while insisting that Congress provide protection for our supplements and natural remedies, not Codex HARMonization to destroy them, as has already happened in Canada and the EU.

Exactly as we predicted and feared, attempts were made to include the worst parts of Senator McCain’s dreadful anti supplement S.3002 in a revised effort to get S.510 passed. We saw that one coming, although, once again, others who should have known better, told us we were crazy. Once again, we asked you to message Congress through the Natural Solutions Foundation Action Item. Many hundreds of thousands of emails later, language was inserted into Senator Harkin’s gift to Big Agribiz (and, because of the disease this contaminated food will engender, Big Pharma as well) which amended S. 510 to “protect” DSHEA products (that is, to protect dietary supplements). That sounds good ….but it is the same hollow victory that the other health freedom folks trumpeted when S. 3002 was killed – they celebrated and tooted their own horns, but we told you that something was defintitely rotten with this deal. So it was.

Something is rotten with this deal, too. What’s rotten is the FDA, which regularly chooses to act outside of, or even in direct opposition to, the law of the land.  Why will S. 510 be any different?  Would you buy a used car from this agency? AND let’s not forget that S. 510 gives Big Argribiz total control of your food suppy.

So While It Would Be Nice to Claim That We Won This Round, It Is Not Completely True – YET!

We Got a Very Partial Stay of Supplement Exterminatin……But That’s Not Nearly Good Enough.

Here’s what IS good enough: We want natural remedies and holistic techniques (like Holistic Ear Candling, for example) and all natural, local, community, family and farm food production fully protected too… better yet, DEFEAT S.510!

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