“Ruthie Reports”: Guest is Paladinette

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Join Ruthie on 4/15/10 http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/TheRuthieReport   with Special Guest:    PALADINETTE  a tireless advocate for the US unemployed millions.

We will discuss her actions for the unemployed American How it relates to illegal immigration And her future plans (more info below)    ****NATIONWIDE TALK SHOW****    

“The Ruthie Report” live or archived at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/TheRuthieReport via The Conservative Alliance Media Network 8 pm CST every Thursday      Join “The Ruthie Report” and our special guests every Thursday at 8 pm Central time. Listen to Ruthie’s commentary on the issue of illegal immigration, with week to week news updates, action alerts and activities on what we can do to stop the illegal immigration invasion. Check your political correctness at the door. More

Meat, poultry industries await new antitrust rules

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Federal regulators are set to release the most sweeping antitrust rules covering the meat industry in decades, potentially altering the balance of power between meat companies and the farmers who raise their animals.

Activists, farmers and meat industry officials have been anxiously awaiting the new rules, which will be released this spring for public comment and are set to take effect this summer. The regulations are seen as a kind of litmus test for the Obama administration and how far it will go in regulating competition in the meat industry. More

23 CIA agents convicted in kidnapping, torture trial in Italy

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CIA station chief defense: ‘I am not guilty. I am only responsible
for following an order I received from my superiors’
Cheney trail of death - small (no link)

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donation to support the
movement for indictment

They acted under orders from Bush and Cheney. Today, however, an Italian court convicted 23 American involved in the CIA’s kidnap and rendition/torture program.

Around the world, and right here in the United States, outraged people are demanding that the architects of the criminal enterprise – Bush and Cheney – be brought to justice.

Twenty-two of the convicted Americans were immediately sentenced to five years in jail.

The other convicted American, Milan CIA station chief Robert Seldon Lady, was given the harshest sentence: eight years in prison. “I am not guilty. I am only responsible for following an order I received from my superiors,” Lady was quoted as saying by the newspaper Il Giornale.

As the Associated Press writes, “The trial is the first by any government to scrutinize the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program, which human rights advocates charge was the CIA’s way to outsource the torture of prisoners to countries where it is practiced.” The defendants were tried in abstentia and are considered fugitives. More

What do HAARP, Chemtrails, and Global Warming all have in common?


By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Chemtrails are bad news. They contain barium and aluminum, which have the potential to destroy ecosystems around the world. But what if this destruction is merely an inevitable and acceptable consequence of a much larger program? A program intended to be part of an all-in-one solution to global control and manipulation?  READ MORE…

MSM (for morons) continues its propaganda against the patriot movement

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by Marti Oakley (c) copyright 2010 All Rights reserved


I tried watching some of the MSM news last evening, or what is supposed to be news, which appears quite devoid of any meaningful content.  Maybe it is just a difference in what I believe to be relevant and what most other people consider imperative information.  For some strange reason, I don’t find Tiger Woods philandering or his loss of a golf tournament to be “news”.  I don’t give a damn what celebrity is having a birthday or who just entered some rehabilitation clinic for a problem they have no intentions of correcting.

What does seem to be of tremendous importance to virtually every news broadcaster out there is the Patriot movement.  In what appears to be an almost desperate attempt to diffuse this growing grassroots movement, nearly every broadcast at one point or another takes its shots at the rising number of individuals and groups who have had the unmitigated gall to stand up and say they have had enough: Enough of government power grabs, intrusions into privacy, the wholesale selling off of American assets paid for by taxpayers and the ever increasing debt that we, the public, are somehow responsible for paying back. More

Nutritionist opposes dietitian licensing bills

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Submitted by Syncha Maniscalco
Director Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition
Sheldon, WI 54766
Nutritionist says proposal could end her practice


 Dan Reiland Karen Hurd Karen Hurd, owner of Karen R. Hurd Nutritional Practice in Fall Creek, is worried that the passage of Senate Bill 115 and Assembly Bill 440 would jeopardize her ability to provide nutritional consultation to her 6,000 clients. The bills would require licensing for dietitians and define the roles of dietitians and alternative health care practitioners. More

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