GALVESTON, Texas - Members from Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security Team Galveston conducted on-water Level II tactical coxswain training in the Galveston Channel, April 8, 2010. The drill was conducted in preparation for the units upcoming deployment in support of Joint Task Force Guantanamo and the U.S. Southern Command. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Renee C. Aiello.

By Lt. Eric N. Shine, USNR – USMMRR/ USMMA KP

As explained in Part 1 of this series, the Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Chair of the Joint Chiefs, the civilian Secretaries of the Department of Defense, Secretary of the Navy and others including President Bush and President Obama have constructed an end run around the Constitution.

This has been carried out through use of the U.S. Coast Guard in its movement from the Department of Transportation, not to the Department of Defense, but into the newly formed, but long planned Department of Homeland Security in 2003. Doing so as if it had just come from the Department of Defense somehow. A convoluted series of legal, political, and even extra-judicial machinations have taken place over a long period of time to bring about this troubling extra-legal and unlawful coup d’état by the military-industrial complex to subjugate civilian populations to its military authority.

This means that the Coast Guard was consummated from an Agency into a self-declared Special Branch of Military – a bastard step child to the military in that, at least a portion of Homeland Security is now under not just military law, but in fact martial law. Military law is indeed, itself, a form of what is considered to be martial law. This Agency, is now clearly a rogue Agent for the military-industrial-Congressional complex, and is using the Pentagon as a conduit to carry out a silent coup. This entity remains innocently known as the U.S. Coast Guard, as portrayed by actor Ashton Kucher, in The Guardian – trying to, through propaganda play the Coast Guard off as all fuzzy and cuddly.

The Coast Guard did not move to DHS from DoD as mentioned, but instead came from Department of Transportation. It has never been in the Department of Defense. Ever!? It is not just an end run around the prohibitions placed on the military, but an end run around the Constitution and the Supreme Court.

Let me try to make it more clear by providing a bit of history.

Up until 1946 all Branches of the Military had separate and distinct Codes of Conduct, most of which conflicted with each other, some with the Constitution and other protections afforded to our Citizens even if found serving as Citizen Soldiers. In response to this, Title 10 was enacted and used to contain all various regular and Constitutional Branches of the Military therein under one system of military law or martial law.

Prior to 1946, since its inception in 1915 and to this day the Coast Guard has tried time-and-time-again to reengineer itself into an extra-Constitutional Branch of Military – one that could somehow impose itself upon, police, regulate, even decide civilian affairs and by this, make civilian laws. That means a Branch of Military or Military Organization is making civilian law by law enforcement actions, regulations, even adjudications. If you are an American, or German-American or if you have half a brain and know anything – even minimally about world history, that paragraph should make you stop and gasp.

In response to behavior by the Coast Guard up until 1946, and since becoming signatory to another round of Geneva Conventions that forbade use of military as had transpired in Germany and here in the United States as well, specifically between 1915 and 1946, our Department of War was restructured and renamed.

To prevent such wars of aggression and to be in compliance, all military authorities were to be used for defensive purposes only. The Department of War was thus converted into the Department of Defense and placed under Title 10 as created specifically for the Defense Department only. Along with this the Coast Guard and its Codes of Conduct were addressed as well due chiefly to its own behavior in trying to impose itself as an extra-Constitutional Branch of Military upon civilians.

Arguments in Congress became so heated in 1946 and 1947 that the U.S. Coast Guard Admirals under pressure from more informed Senators and Representatives finally admitted in the Congressional record that it was not a Branch of Military. Only Branches of the Military, as in the Army as covered under Article I and its branch in the Air Force as was previously the Army Air Corps, and the Navy as covered under Article II and its branch in the form of the Marine Corps, were to come under military law as in Title 10.

(C) 2010 Lt. Eric Shine USNR – USMMRR/ USMMA KP