By: Marti Oakley (c)Copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 


I have been quoted, misquoted, loved and hated in many places by many people.  Today I was sent an article from a site called “Talking points Memo”.  It would appear because of my recent writings concerning the rise of McCarthyism via the Southern Poverty Law Center, I am now a “right-wing fanatic”.   Who knew?  And here all these years I thought I was a Democrat!  Anyway, that’s how I always saw myself and how I voted. 

This particular site is linked with Muckraker; a very apt name.  Included in this obvious article to disparage anyone who might attempt to expose the national cancer that is the SPLC are the obligatory pictures of Nazi’s, skinheads and of course the words “right-wing paranoia” is the big selling point. 

Also, according to this muckraking site, the Security & Prosperity Partnership,  the foundational plans for the forming of the North American Union was also something I just conjured up. This will come as huge disappointment to the Council on Foreign Relations:

 “The Council on Foreign Relations serves as the intellectual incubator for most of the foreign policy direction followed by the executive branch of the federal government. Before the trilateral meeting between the heads of state in Waco on March 23 of 2005, the CFR had already undertaken an initiative with its counterparts in Mexico and Canada (Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales and the to study the possibility of integrating the three nations.

If not stopped, the plan for a North American Union will supplant the former independent states of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. And this is not conjecture. The North American Union is official U.S. policy.”

“the nations will no longer have separate borders, but will “implement common border-security.” The three nations will no longer respond on the national level to emergencies but will have a “common approach to emergency response.” And, in a move that has tremendous implications for the growing immigration crisis, the three leaders agreed that the United States’ north and south borders would be eliminated. Under the SPP plan, the three nations will “implement a border-facilitation strategy to build capacity and improve the legitimate flow of people and cargo at our shared borders.”

“The standard diplomatic language was a prelude to a radical proposal calling for the merger of the three nations in several important ways. Under a so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership”

Never mind that these plans call for the obliteration of the borders between the US, Canada and Mexico.  The way this TPM propaganda piece is written, you would have thought that I, single handedly, wrote up these documents, implemented the working groups, left the border unsecured, entered in to the Civil Assistance agreement with Canada and Mexico to allow the over the border use of military against any one of our countries, and entered into multiple international agreements that usurp our sovereignty and laws, penned the Patriot Acts myself and started wars all around the world.


The writer of this muckraking article goes on to say that they went to some extent to find out who this person “Marti Oakley” was:

“An example of this is an article written in the National Expositor. The article was written by one Marti Oakley. I got a little curious about Marti Oakley, and found at least one article that she had written previously, which gives me an example of the temperament of this person who is accusing the SPLC of being a hate group: Oakley’s open letter to George W. Bush states her paranoid delusion that Bush intends to unite the United States, Canada, and Mexico into one large superstate.”

All this supposed researcher who is reporting that I am a right wing nut could find on me was one article condemning George W. Bush?  Apparently they either weren’t too curious or just tried to find one article that they felt would highlight what they want you to believe is my paranoid right wing delusions.

Let me see: I’ve written 853 articles over the last few years.  I have two sites of my own,The PPJ Gazette and Eyes Wide Open;  and write for National Expositor, Liberty News Online, Laguna Journal, Farm Wars, Speak Truth 2 Power, Surviving the Middle Class Crash, Borderfire, and several others too numerous to mention.  I have been on countless radio shows on the net and am listed all over the net.  I occasionally do public speaking and I make no bones about the fact that I am a liberal.  I’m just not stupid and prone to buying contrived ramblings by those who have a vested interest in a specific agenda; in this case the promotion of SPLC whose basic mode of operation is demonizing anyone who isn’t them.  SPLC is deceptive and makes this very clear in its attempts to tie skinheads and Nazi’s in with the patriot movement.  Their wholesale listing of any groups who don’t support their agenda is couched in the paranoid delusion that everyone who doesn’t agree with them must be labeled as a “hate group”.    

And about that article Mr. Muckraker:   If you’re going to try and paint me as a right-wing fanatic, I don’t believe an article highlighting the egregious activities of Bush2 made your point with any credibility. 

Actually, if you ever did research on me or my writings, you would find that I am an equal opportunity political critic.  I don’t give a rat’s hiney if they are Democrats, Republicans, or little green men from mars (a group I am sure has found a safe haven on Talking Points Memo)

A comment from this same site, full of rapturous SPLC supporters says these are the definitions of “hate groups:

a hate group is two or more people who are part of a club, organization, religion, etc. whose purpose is to promote the agenda of what is the subject of their hate.” 

“The term “hate group” is used to describe any organization in any sector of society that aggressively demonizes or dehumanizes members of a scapegoated target group in a systematic way.”

This was quite useful as I couldn’t have more accurately or adequately described the blacklisting, public demonizing and marginalization of the patriot movement as performed by the Southern Poverty Law Center or its intentional deception in its attempts to negate any Constitutional right of the citizens of the USA to voice their dissent in a peaceful and lawful way; or for TPM for that matter.

As for its targeting of the Skin heads and Nazi groups along with openly racist organizations, I believe SPLC is afraid that the public will realize these groups bear a striking resemblance to SPLC in their methods and activities.     

As for Muckrakers and Talking Points Memo……the only word I can find to adequately describe the crap you pump out is ….pathetic.