Must We Love a Wrathful God?

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by: J. Speer-Williams 


It was late at night, and they were in the kitchen, at each other once again.

I hated my mother for taunting my father, and hated him more whenever he’d slap her to the floor.

In my mind, I could see him again slapping her in the kitchen, while I tried to sleep. Did he feel he was being gentlemanly by not hitting her with a closed fist? Was my mother playing the role of a martyr? Did she choose to suffer physical abuse, rather than to placate a drunk, who predictably behaved like a lunatic whenever he drank?

My younger sister would always disappear or pretend to be asleep whenever our parents fought. She actually had little to fear, as I cannot remember my father ever laying a hand on her; it was always me and my mother he bruised. She slept in a bed opposite mine, in our small and unadorned room, without a single picture in it.

It was a small room totally without any embellishment; but rather than being simple, genuine, or pure, it was ugly, hot, and depressing, and was never an oasis from the constant upsets that characterized our entire household. More

Thank you Talking Points Memo: I had no idea I was so powerful!

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By: Marti Oakley (c)Copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 


I have been quoted, misquoted, loved and hated in many places by many people.  Today I was sent an article from a site called “Talking points Memo”.  It would appear because of my recent writings concerning the rise of McCarthyism via the Southern Poverty Law Center, I am now a “right-wing fanatic”.   Who knew?  And here all these years I thought I was a Democrat!  Anyway, that’s how I always saw myself and how I voted. 

This particular site is linked with Muckraker; a very apt name.  Included in this obvious article to disparage anyone who might attempt to expose the national cancer that is the SPLC are the obligatory pictures of Nazi’s, skinheads and of course the words “right-wing paranoia” is the big selling point. 

Also, according to this muckraking site, the Security & Prosperity Partnership,  the foundational plans for the forming of the North American Union was also something I just conjured up. This will come as huge disappointment to the Council on Foreign Relations:

 “The Council on Foreign Relations serves as the intellectual incubator for most of the foreign policy direction followed by the executive branch of the federal government. Before the trilateral meeting between the heads of state in Waco on March 23 of 2005, the CFR had already undertaken an initiative with its counterparts in Mexico and Canada (Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales and the to study the possibility of integrating the three nations.

If not stopped, the plan for a North American Union will supplant the former independent states of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. And this is not conjecture. The North American Union is official U.S. policy.”

“the nations will no longer have separate borders, but will “implement common border-security.” The three nations will no longer respond on the national level to emergencies but will have a “common approach to emergency response.” And, in a move that has tremendous implications for the growing immigration crisis, the three leaders agreed that the United States’ north and south borders would be eliminated. Under the SPP plan, the three nations will “implement a border-facilitation strategy to build capacity and improve the legitimate flow of people and cargo at our shared borders.”

“The standard diplomatic language was a prelude to a radical proposal calling for the merger of the three nations in several important ways. Under a so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership”

Never mind that these plans call for the obliteration of the borders between the US, Canada and Mexico.  The way this TPM propaganda piece is written, you would have thought that I, single handedly, wrote up these documents, implemented the working groups, left the border unsecured, entered in to the Civil Assistance agreement with Canada and Mexico to allow the over the border use of military against any one of our countries, and entered into multiple international agreements that usurp our sovereignty and laws, penned the Patriot Acts myself and started wars all around the world.



Corporations: Bleeding America dry

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by: Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


The recent bailouts of financial institutions to the tune of several trillions of dollars should have been a wake up call for all of us; the duality of the justice system never more apparent as when it became clear that a grand theft on an unimaginable scale had taken place and these same institutions were now holding the country hostage, threatening total economic collapse if we did not capitulate and infuse them with cash so they could continue raping and pillaging the country.

We have a prison system that now holds 2.5 million people and this does not include the hundreds of thousands of people being held in city and county jails for petty crimes.  While a percentage of these prisoners do need to be incarcerated because of violent crimes, more than half of those serving time or being held have harmed no one and in fact are there because of some statutory code or regulation infraction.  But, they will serve time, pay fines, and Wall Street will sell prisoner bonds all over the world, for profit.

Doesn’t any one find it strange that not one of those Wall Street parasites; not one of those corporate high rollers who took millions upon millions in pay and bonuses and who continue to do so even after taxpayer money was stolen to bail them out, even after billions and billions was borrowed in the name of the citizens, not one of them spent a day in jail?  Did you hear one of those senators or representatives or any one from the justice department calling for prosecuting these people?  Has anyone other than the sacrificial lamb, Bernie Madoff, ever seen the inside of a jail as a result of their corrupt financial practices and the harm it caused others?  No, you didn’t.  And, the only reason Madoff got nailed was because the people he harmed most were wealthy!  It would seem obvious that graft, theft and corruption are ok just as long as it only affects the little people. 

Even as the corrupt practices were exposed, the contrived schemes to defraud investors and the public became public knowledge, not one of those CEO’s, their staff, their managers or accountants….no one…..was ever charged with a crime or prosecuted.  The IRS didn’t swoop in to seize their assets; no freezes were put on their bank accounts or investments.  Not one palatial home was seized and sold to repay the debt.  Not one yacht was auctioned off nor one private jet.  These corporate raiders not only stole America’s wealth….the government and the justice system made sure they got to keep it. 

Now compare this to a petty thief who breaks into a home and steals a few hundred dollars worth of someone else’s stuff.  A crime has been committed, and the offender will spend a mandatory sentence of five years, minimally.  Everyone from the department making the arrest, to the bail-bondsman, to the attorney and judges, the prisons and Wall Street makes money off that prisoner.  

If any small business had through its own bad management practices or through created schemes to defraud its customers, come to the brink of collapse for no other reason than its own devious dealings had rendered it insolvent; would we advocate taking our tax money to bail them out so they could continue their crime?  Why did we do this with these corrupt financial institutions? 

The corruption that occurred in the financial industry was not a result of too many regulations as most regulations had been struck down under Bush2.  It was a result of a lack of regulation which allowed corporations of all kinds to run without any kind of control.  It would be great to think or believe those running these institutions would be guided by some kind of moral or ethical compass, but history has shown us that nothing could be further from the truth.  More

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