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who had this to say:   “Funny how you never see this in the MSN CNN NBC ABC CBS, et al propaganda.  Similar to that “small” Tea Party rally in D.C. when Obama left town and the media reported a “light turnout.”  For the life of me these people don’t look like militia or right wing extremists but then, I never could trust my lying eyes.”  ___________________________
Tea Party Rally to Oust “Dingy Harry” Reid – Searchlight, Nevada – March 27, 2010 Photos © 2010 – American Border Patrol

Although the MSM(for morons) never reported a word on this, several thousands of people from all walks of life and every conceivable political party or affiliation stood up to say “no more”.  Far from the “right wing radical” label attached by blacklisting groups such as Southern Poverty Law Center, these crowds are a cross-section of patriotic Americans who want their country back from the fascists, the elite and the corporations.  The only people who showed up for this rally with the intention to create violence were those wearing government uniforms and law enforcement.