CANADA! stop the biotech industry from defeating this Bill!

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submitted by: Sandra Finely/Canadian correpondent


Bill C-474 will require:  “an analysis of potential harm to export markets be conducted before the sale of any new genetically engineered seed is permitted.” 

The industry is putting an all-out effort into defeating the Bill.

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This is pretty simple and pretty much common sense.  Europeans will not accept shipments of wheat or flax (for example) if it is contaminated with GE (genetically – engineered) seeds. 

Buyers of Canadian grain get angry when they buy contaminated product, witness the recent case of “Triffid” GE flax. Farmers lose big markets.  The GE contamination is now a huge on-going cost to everyone.  

It isn’t a widely-known issue in Canada because we lost the battle to require labeling of GE food products.  The money of the chem. – biotech industry bought, among others, the Consumers Association in that battle. 

The Europeans won the labeling battle.   But the chem-biotech corporations do not respect the wishes or the interests of the population.  Instead, they have been trying for years now to force GE crops into Europe.

Nor does the Govt of Canada respect the wishes of the Europeans (or of Canadians).  The Govt of Canada launches legal actions through the WTO (World Trade Organization) against the Europeans, on behalf of the industry, claiming unfair trade practices.  More

Jeff Farias Show: link to the Lt. Shine interview

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Click on “ListenLive” for Lt. Shine’s interviews at the times listed below.



Ustream video link

Lt. Eric Shine is a guest on The Jeff Farias Show every first Friday of the month.  Jeff’s show is actually 3-hours long.  Lt Shine’s interview times are listed below, per timezone. ___________________________

4- 4:30 pm pacific 

 5-5:30 pm. Mountain

6-6:30 pm.  Central

 7-7:30  pm. Eastern

Call-in Toll-free!: 1-800-385-1566
It will also be archived as well on Jeff’s site. 
If you aren’t aware of Lt. Shine’s seven year ordeal after blowing the whistle on corruption by contractors and higher ups, you can read all about his case on his website www.marshallaw9/11.com.  We will be following this story closely and updating information regularly.

“Rise Up Americans!”

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By Ron Ewart,  President National Association of Rural Landowners and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues. We are spreading the message of American Freedom around the globe.  © Copyright January 20, 2009 – All Rights Reserved


 Where is it written that Americans, who have been granted life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by their Creator, at great cost, have to accept anything less?  Why must we accept slavery in place of liberty?  Why should we accept mediocrity in place of achievement and excellence.  Why must we accept debauchery and corruption in place of morality? 

Why must we accept our sovereignty being blurred by the one-world-order and centralized control of world power by the moneyed elite?   Why is it we should allow millions of illegal aliens to flood into our country, take advantage of our government-mandated generosity and exclude legal Americans from available employment?  How can we just sit there and do nothing when radical environmental laws eradicate what is left of our property rights?   Since the time of the Magna Carta in 1215 and later in the writings of John Locke, it has been known that without property rights, no other rights are possible.

By what right or authority does government have, to use our tax money, that is taken from us at the point of a gun, to reward failure, penalize success and choose winners and losers, that only the free markets should be able to do in a free society?  Under what law does the non-producer have a right to the fruits and labors of the producer, except by the voluntary generosity of that producer? More

A huffy Canada shuts down ‘Yes Men’: Harper shuts down more than 4500 websites

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Seattle Politics 

 Submitted by:  Sandra Finely/Canadian correspondent


Stung by a satire at the Copenhagen climate conference, Canada’s government has shut down two parody Web sites criticizing the Great White North’s glacial policy on global warming.

In the process, however, it has taken down 4,500 other Web sites that had nothing to do with the prank played two weeks ago at the global climate summit.

The two “offending” sites, developed by “Yes Men” pranksters, announced that Canada would reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 40 percent from 1990 levels, and 80 percent by the year 2050.

The “announcement” came as Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government was privately circulating a plan to permit a 165 percent INCREASE in emissions from Alberta’s huge, dirty oil sands project.

The two Web sites, “enviro-canada.ca” and “ec-gc.ca” are “directly connected to a hoax which misleads people into believing that the Government of Canada will take certain actions in relation to environmental matters,” Mike Landreville from Environment Canada wrote in an e-mail to the German Internet Service Provider (ISP) Serveloft.

“We trust you appreciate the importance of avoiding confusion among the public concerning Canadian governmental affairs and that you will assist us in preventing this hoax from spreading further.” More

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