by: J.Speer-Williams (c)Copyright 2010


We have a one political party system in America: The republican faction of that single party likes war, torture, huge deficits, and stealing our freedoms; the democratic faction likes continuing wars and torture, instituting more welfare, higher taxes, eliminating small businesses and family farms, while stealing more of our liberties than the republican branch of that party does. 

Let’s call this one party the “Plutocrats,” because the Demo/Republican platforms follow the agenda of the super rich plutocrats, the ones the democratic branch pretends to hate. 

The Plutocratic Political Party (PPP) is owned and funded by the International Monetary/Banking Cartel, a tightly-knit group of private fascists, who are trying to bring about a One-World government, they would own and control, as they currently own and control the US government. 

In such a One-World government, these private money-men will be given all the world’s created and natural wealth and resources, as payment for the debts incurred by the One-World government, on money these international bankers created on their computers. This Banking Cartel, with the power of governmental guns, and intelligence “services” who control those guns, plan on owning the world. The Cartel’s Nazis, of World War II were merely a dry-run for the coming real thing. 

Wow … what a deal … owning the whole world with simply some strokes on their computers, and by controlling some psychopathic intelligence agents. And all orchestrated by a handful of super-rich fascists, with a little help from legions of sociopathic bureaucrats, politicians, corporate executives, media hacks, professors, and more psychopaths from intelligence agencies. 

This Cartel of fascists will continue their unyielding pitiless goose-step toward world hegemony as long as democratic politicians continue to support bigger government (more laws, more taxes, more debt, more inflation, more agencies, more bureaucrats, more wars), and their republican colleagues only pretend to oppose increased governmental powers that the oligarchs control. 

Moreover, to halt or even slow this lockstep to a neo-Nazi Fourth Reich, a good two-thirds of the American public will have to find ways to wake themselves up regarding simple sociopolitical truths … some are listed, below: 

I. The Federal Reserve System is a privately owned US subsidiary of the International Banking Cartel, that creates fiat currency out of thin air, money not backed by gold, silver, or national industrial output. 

II. Legal tender (currency) and credit should be issued by our government’s Treasury Department, at a rate commensurate with the national production of consumer goods, thus avoiding the debt, inflation, and income taxes caused by the private International Banking Cartel’s Federal Reserve System for a century. 

III. Most of our income taxes are paid to the Banking Cartel as interest on our national debt, a debt and tax that gives the Monetary Cartel much of it’s power, at a tremendous and wholly unnecessary cost to the American people. 

IV. The only reason the Monetary/Banking Cartel has the preposterous privilege of issuing our currency and credit is the Cartel has long been in control of all three branches of our federal government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial), including the armed forces, and police constabularies, that are directly managed by black operatives from the intelligence agencies, at the pleasure of the International Monetary/Banking Cartel.  

It is at this point that most uninitiated readers will become incredulous, or at least skeptical, which is understandable, as the American public has been subjected to governmental propaganda for their entire lives. And such propaganda was never meant to change minds; but with repetition, it was and is designed to produce a dull, but familiar consistency, until truths sound strange and are immediately rejected, without further investigation. Investigation, however, would likely prove fruitful, as there is not much that is more provable than the long established complicity that our national leaders have had with the private International Monetary/Banking Cartel. 

V. The 9-11 catastrophe was an inside job, using pre-set high grade super nano-thermite to bring down all three towers of the World Trade Center (WTC), in a controlled demolition, with only two towers being impacted by airliners.  

Which raises a simple question: “If the third World Trade Center Building (Building 7) was not impacted by an aircraft, what brought the building down? 

Also, hi-jacked airlines do not freely fly around for an hour and forty minutes, in the most sensitive air corridor in America, unless our air defense systems had been sabotaged. And such complex subversion could not have been arranged by Arabs, using cell phones, from caves half way around the world. 911 was a false flag event, that had to have been executed from the highest levels of American intelligence, with Mossad and MI-6 thrown in for good measure. 

Certainly our national leaders must know this, or are they entirely too ignorant to lead us anywhere close to positive solutions to our problems? 

If they do realize that 911 was an inside job, then their silence brands them as traitors, both to their oath of office, and to the American people. 

Even former Italian president Francesco Cossiga has stated that 911 was an inside job, conducted by a joint CIA/Mossad operation. Cossiga has also said it was common knowledge amongst those informed, in various intelligence agencies, that the CIA/Mossad nexus committed the heinous crime of 911, to justify the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, grossly illegal wars President Obama has continued to this very day. 

Former President Cossiga is certainly correct, after all who else would have had the power and influence to plant super thermite cutter charges in all three World Trade Center buildings, and call off our air defense forces for one hour and forty minutes? 

Danish scientists have proven super nano-thermite had been planted in the World Trade Center Towers by their analysis of some of the dust found in the WTC rubble. (See Danish Scientists –  Super Thermite.) 

Nano-thermite is a collective term for chemicals with very hot and high levels of exploding energy that even melts steel and iron, something jet fuel cannot do. Molten metals were seen pouring out of the South Tower before it collapsed. 

The super nano-thermite used to pulverize the WTC Towers and melt its structural steel was the product of extremely advanced nano-technology, unavailable to the entire world, outside of precious few and secret laboratories. 

Investigative author Christopher Bollyn tells us, “Whoever made this advanced, nano-tech, explosive film had access to the most advanced nanotechnology in the world. It certainly was not a gang of Moslem terrorists. Israel’s secret and super-secure nuclear lab (Negev near Dimona) is where the extremely powerful super-thermite of 911 was designed.” 

Whoever planted the nano-thermite in the WTC buildings had to have mighty high national security clearances. Does anyone really believe Arab terrorists had 24/7 access to those buildings, for months, while US intelligence services rented large sections of those buildings? Only agents of the CIA/MI6/Mossad nexus had the kind of power that allowed that kind of access.   

1,164 architectural and engineering professionals, and 7,830 other supporters, including architectural and engineering students, have all signed a petition demanding of Congress a truly honest independent investigation of 911. These are technical professionals who understand physics, who have proven with mathematics that all three WTC buildings could have only been brought down by controlled demolitions, and not by airplanes. 

The laws of physics were not suspended on 09-11-01. Sealed skyscrapers fortified with mega-tons of steel supports, columns, and beams, and built to withstand airplane strikes do not implode and collapse at free-fall acceleration, and then land almost in its own footprint from jet fuel (kerosene) fires. If jet fuel melted steel, how would jet planes even fly? 

US intelligence agents claimed they could not find the Black Boxes aboard the two crashed airliners, but within hundreds of thousands of tons of pulverized debris, they “found” the driver’s licenses of the “terrorists,” who flew the planes.” The fires in the buildings were so hot they melted steel, but did not burn up the driver’s licenses of the “terrorists? And what about the driver’s licenses of the passengers? How come none of those licenses were found? Just luck, I suppose. 

VI. The banker bail-out legislation was the biggest financial heist of all time. 

VII. Intelligence agencies control our government and the content of aired and printed mass media. 

VIII. Intelligence operatives have performed most terrorist events. 

IX. The foreign International Monetary/Banking Cartel controls the US/UK/Israeli intelligence agencies. 

Simply put, Americans, and their well-being, will remain irrelevant to the power structure, until more of us wake-up to the facts, above. 

J. Speer-Williams