by: Marti Oakley (c) Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


Several bills are being readied for votes and not one is good news for middle- America.  A systematic takeover of everything from healthcare to food, to pharmaceuticals and on to dietary supplements is underway and if you think for one moment this is all coming from the left, you are delusional. Each and every one of these bills is sponsored and co-sponsored by both Democrats and Republicans. If you think any one of these bills is intended to benefit the public I don’t believe you should be allowed to roam the streets.

Front and center and scheduled for a vote this week is the odious S. 510.  Now titled “FDA Food Safety Modernization Act”  (the sudden appearance of FDA in the title should scare the hell out of you), this Act is promoted as securing and making safe the food production and supply here in the US.  The reality is that it is the codification of Codex Alimentarius into US law.  S. 510 will incorporate not only specific Codex mandates which lower corporate operating standards to increase profits domestically and internationally, it also makes a huge gift of American family farming and ranching to those same corporations that will benefit from this abomination by making it financially impossible for family’s and independents to compete or survive if they don’t succumb first to an avalanche of contrived paperwork and record-keeping. 

S. 510 incorporates the worst of international harmonization regulations with the rancid HR 2749 which gives the FDA increased power and rule-making (law-making) ability.  This is the same FDA that has approved one toxic pharmaceutical drug after another in their pay-to-play system; the same FDA that approved Aspartame and refuses to take it off the market; the same FDA that considers death an acceptable side-affect of lethal drugs, in many instances.  

Although a major portion of the agricultural community and those who support it demanded HR 2749 be killed, the public was given the official congressional finger as the House arrogantly ignored them and voted to over take food production and supply.

In addition to S 510, is S.501Fair Prescription and Drug Competition Act.  You’re going to love this one!  This short little bill will end generic drugs.  Just in time for that “reform” in healthcare.  

  • ‘(w) Prohibition of Authorized Generic Drugs-

  • ‘(1) IN GENERAL- Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, no holder of a new drug application approved under subsection (c) shall manufacture, market, sell, or distribute an authorized generic drug, direct or indirectly, or authorize any other person to manufacture, market, sell, or distribute an authorized generic drug.

Then of course was the McCain/Dorgan bill S 3002, Dietary Supplement Safety Act which would have gutted the 1994 DSHEA act which protected an individuals rights to dietary supplements.  Of course McCain and Dorgan were only trying to protect those sports dummies that might take a supplement listed as restricted without knowing it.  In reality, this was another attempt to implement Codex Alimentarius which makes supplements “contraband”.  Supplements, which are nutritional, would have been reclassified as medicinal, supposedly subjecting them to more rigorous regulations.  The truth is not only was this not about safety for sports fanatics, it was in fact an attempt to reclassify as medicinal, therefore pharmaceutical, dietary supplements.  You get the picture don’t you?  This would mean the only way you could get supplements in any useable strength would be by prescription; produced by the same companies who routinely kill and maim us with drugs.  And of course, supplements would now be patentable and the price would skyrocket. 

McCain withdrew his support for S 3002 after massive public backlash.  But don’t do your happy dance just yet.  The text of the bill was simply sent to the committee readying S 510, to be incorporated into its text.  See how that works?  

I have no doubt we will be subjected to images of Harry Reid standing with hands folded, looking seriously into the CSPAN cameras while piously telling an empty senate chamber and thoroughly disgusted public how we need to secure the nations food supply.  And I would agree with that statement except for these few caveats:

  • The US food supply needs to be secured safely in the hands of family and independent producers who historically have produced the safest food supply in the world.
  • Anyone who votes to pass this assault on the American public using the rhetoric of food safety as a cover for the seizure of the US food production and supply to benefit corporations and illegal agreements with foreign nations, should be immediately removed from office. 

Seventeen states have recall provisions.  If nothing else, demand your senator return to your home state and cease any further business in the name of your state.  And if you can’t bring yourself to get up and do anything now, for cripes sake, don’t vote for these people again!  Get a clue here!  They aren’t working for us!