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Liberty News Online:The following is a list of people with the title of “Czar” in the Obama Admistration. It is very important that the free people of American see who these people are, what their backgrounds are, and what they intend to do to this great country. Barack Hussein Obama is the first American President to surround himself with anti-American radicals, communists and known Marxists.

Here’s the list: More

Stupid in America

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John Stossel takes a look at the dumbing down of American children in public schools.

The Food Safety bill was already bad, but it may now get worse. Your vitamins are still in danger

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Downsizer Dispatch  downsizer-dispatch@downsizedc.org

Do you remember John McCain’s bill that would have controlled your use of vitamins?

That bill appears to be dead, but it’s provisions may rise from the grave.

It seems that McCain only agreed to abandon his legislation if key provisions were included in the so-called Food Safety bill.

The Food Safety bill was already bad, but it may now get worse.

Please send Congress a letter opposing both the so-called Food Safety bill, and John McCain’s provisions to control your use of vitamins.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . . More

Mark Dankof: The Ugly Truth podcast

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Mark Glenn, Dr. David Duke, and Mark Dankof will be doing The Ugly Truth podcast together on Friday, April 9, discussing why Christians should not be supporting Israel.  Reference will be made to this video as disturbing evidence regarding the American military’s increasing adoption of Israeli tactics and methodology.  Don’t miss it, and other shows, at The Ugly Truth at http://theuglytruth.podbean.com/

Feeding the corporate coffers: why hybrid rice continues to fail Asia’s small farmers

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April 2010

For decades now, hybrid rice has been promoted across Asia as a silver bullet for hunger. But a new collaborative briefing published by GRAIN and several other organisations in Asia and the Pacific* examines how hybrid rice has consistently failed Asia’s small farmers over the past decade. From Bangladesh to China, from the Philippines to Indonesia, the promised increased yield has been elusive in farmers’ fields, and the expansion of hybrid rice is now being linked to a recent upsurge of outbreaks of planthoppers across Asia. Hybrid rice is not being promoted for agricultural development but for the control over farming that it offers and the profits that it generates for the seed and agro-chemical companies.

This briefing looks at the main players behind the hybrid rice push, from the big transnational corporations like Bayer and DuPont and their partnerships with public research centres, such as IRRI, to the Chinese seed companies working with their government to develop hybrid rice overseas in countries such as Liberia, Uzbekistan, Papua New Guinea, and Timor Leste. It unpacks the hidden agenda behind hybrid rice and lays out the devastating consequences for small farmers if the push is not stopped.

The briefing is available for download here: here: http://www.grain.org/nfg/?id=730. More

TSA claims new powers of detention, search, and interrogation

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Live Link: Papers,Please! The Identity Project

The Identity Project explores and defends the fundamental American right to move freely around our country and to live without constantly having to prove who we are or why we are here.


Once again as before trying to legislate by press release and blog posting, the TSA has asserted that it has the general law-enforcement authority to detain would-be airline passengers, seize their possessions, and compel them to answer questions — for reasons entirely unrelated to aviation or security, and even when it cannot articulate any probable cause for a belief that any law has been violated.

These new assertions come in response to an incident in which a passenger attempted to bring a locked metal cash box as part of their carry-on baggage on a domestic flight.  Since the box was opaque to x-rays, the TSA staff at the checkpoint at Lambert Airport in St. Louis asked the traveler to open the box so that they could check whether it contained any prohibited or dangerous items, and took him into a private room to do so. More

Congress’s next attack in the war on the US will be its food supply: Again we get the official congressional finger

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by: Marti Oakley (c) Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


Several bills are being readied for votes and not one is good news for middle- America.  A systematic takeover of everything from healthcare to food, to pharmaceuticals and on to dietary supplements is underway and if you think for one moment this is all coming from the left, you are delusional. Each and every one of these bills is sponsored and co-sponsored by both Democrats and Republicans. If you think any one of these bills is intended to benefit the public I don’t believe you should be allowed to roam the streets.

Front and center and scheduled for a vote this week is the odious S. 510.  Now titled “FDA Food Safety Modernization Act”  (the sudden appearance of FDA in the title should scare the hell out of you), this Act is promoted as securing and making safe the food production and supply here in the US.  The reality is that it is the codification of Codex Alimentarius into US law.  S. 510 will incorporate not only specific Codex mandates which lower corporate operating standards to increase profits domestically and internationally, it also makes a huge gift of American family farming and ranching to those same corporations that will benefit from this abomination by making it financially impossible for family’s and independents to compete or survive if they don’t succumb first to an avalanche of contrived paperwork and record-keeping.  More

“SPIN” A film by Brian Springer: What happens behind the scenes of MSM

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1-hour long, this video focuses on what really goes on in MSM and how they spin the spin.


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Canadian Correspondent: Sandra Finley sabest1@sasktel.net


We all need to help people in B.C. stop the legislation.   Please send this far and wide.
Sweeping New Powers Would Threaten Privacy: Watchdog

BC Government wants to amend law to allow much more collection and sharing of personal data.

By Andrew MacLeod, 25 Mar 2010, TheTyee.ca

Public bodies would collect, share your personal information without consent.

The British Columbia government wants sweeping new powers to collect and share citizens’ private information and store it outside of Canada. Officials argue the powers would help them better serve the public, but a privacy advocate says British Columbians should be worried about the government’s plans. More

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