The One-Stop Survival Preparedness Guide e-book


by: Craig Nicholson
I have now launched The One-Stop Survival Preparedness Guide e-book and accompanying website at www.one-stop-survival-guide.com
It has all of the main survival preparedness information in one convenient place for physical and financial survival. It is basically 4 books in 1:
  • A home preparedness book, including survival kits and how to store food and water.
  • A disasters and emergencies survival guide, including a “Disaster Response Summaries” section for all of the main disasters, including floods, fire, earthquakes, nuclear etc.
  • An outdoor survival guide, including wilderness, water and winter survival.
  • A financial survival guide, including understanding the problems, protecting your assets and alternate sources of income.

30 facts you didn’t know about USA

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If you have any questions about your existence Excutive Order #13037 should clear it all up:  You are “human capital”.  This and many other facts about who you are, the fact that you cannot “own” anything and are even listed as a “tenant” on your deed to your property……this and much more available on free disc.  Address is at the end of this video.

Ruthie Reports with Virginia Abernethy: Population-Environment Balance Board Member

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Join Ruthie on 4/8/10 with Special Guest: 
Population-Environment Balance Board Member

 (Bio Below)

“The Ruthie Report”
live or archived at
via The Conservative Alliance Media Network
8 pm CST every Thursday
Join “The Ruthie Report” and our special guests every Thursday at 8 pm Central time. Listen to Ruthie’s commentary on the issue of illegal immigration, with week to week news updates, action alerts and activities on what we can do to stop the illegal immigration invasion.
Check your political correctness at the door.

Special Guest:
BALANCE’s goals and activities are based on the relationships between population size, quality of life, and environmental impact. We believe that safeguarding the future of the U.S. depends upon achieving a balance between population and environment. After all, practically all of our environmental problems, and other quality of life issues, are to a significant degree caused, or exacerbated, by increasing population pressures.
*** More

Rescue Local/Organic Farming in the Food Safety Bill!

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 Cornucopia Institute


Rescue Local/Organic Farming in the Food Safety Bill!

Urgent—Call your Senator Today

Next week, as early as Tuesday, April 13, the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on a sweeping overhaul of federal food safety law – S. 510.  The House food safety bill passed last year (HR 2749) included several measures that threaten small-scale organic producers, including a registration fee of $500 and blanket application of complicated monitoring and traceability standards—regardless of one’s farm size. 

There’s no doubt that industrial agriculture needs better oversight.  But, family-scale local and organic farms are probably the safest in the nation—they are part of the solution, not part of the problem—and need to be protected!

Now is your chance, as a supporter of sustainable family farming, to help fix these problems!  Senator Tester (D-MT), a certified organic farmer himself, is proposing an amendment to S. 510 that would exempt small-scale farmers and food processors from the most burdensome regulations.  

We need your help TODAY, please call your U.S. Senators in support of these proposals.

The vast majority of recent food safety scandals in the U.S.—E. coli on fresh spinach, melamine in dairy products, Salmonella in peanut butter—were all linked to industrial agribusiness practices, and these large-scale operations clearly warrant more federal food safety oversight and strict enforcement action.  What is NOT needed is a “one-size-fits-all” approach that poses unfair costs and onerous reporting on local and organic farmers.Safer, healthier food options provided by local, organic, and sustainable farmers should not be punished for their responsible work with expensive and complicated new rules.  These rules may make industrialized food production safer, but offer no real food safety gains to consumers of local and organic foods.  Small-scale operations are already subject to adequate regulation by local and state agencies.  Smaller farm size inherently poses less risk (they are almost always owner-operated), and direct marketing also offers consumers better quality food with more transparency and accountability—and easy traceability.

Taking Action is Easy: More

Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods,

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On Dr. Mercola’s site is a video interview with Jeffrey Smith, author and authority on the effects of gmo on the human body.

Jeffrey Smith has written two books about the significant danger genetically modified (GM) foods pose to your health, and the health of the entire planet.

His first book, Seeds of Deception, is the world’s bestselling book on the topic. His second, Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods, provides overwhelming evidence that GMOs are unsafe and should never have been introduced.

He’s also the executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, whose Campaign for Healthier Eating in America is designed to create the tipping point of consumer rejection of GMOs, forcing them out of our food supply. As a major force riling against GM foods, Smith is responsible for limiting the spread of GM crops in the US, just like others have successfully done in Europe.

In addition to his books he has also created two videos: Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals, and Your Milk on Drugs, Just Say No.

Genetically Modified Foods = Toxins in Every Bite?

Corn chips, or tortilla chips, are quite pervasive. Perhaps you’ve had some yourself this week? Well, let’s see how you feel about buying them again once you realize what you’re risking by eating them.

In the only human feeding study ever published on genetically modified foods, seven volunteers ate so-called Roundup-ready soybeans. These are soybeans that have herbicide-resistant genes inserted into them in order to survive being sprayed with otherwise deadly doses of Roundup herbicide.

In three of the seven volunteers, the gene inserted into the soy transferred into the DNA of their intestinal bacteria, and continued to function long after they stopped eating the GM soy!

There are serious medical implications to this finding. However, the GM-friendly UK government, who funded the study, chose not to fund any follow up research to see if GM corn — which are engineered to produce an insecticide called BT toxin — might also transfer and continue to create insecticide inside your intestines.

These kinds of studies are sorely needed, and fast, because as of right now, about 85 percent of the corn grown in the US is genetically engineered to either produce an insecticide, or to survive the application of herbicide. And about 91-93 percent of all soybeans are genetically engineered to survive massive doses of Roundup herbicide.

What this means is that nearly ALL foods you buy that contain either corn or soy, in any form, will contain GMO unless it’s certified organic by the USDA. Other major GM crops include cottonseed and canola.

When trying to avoid these GM crops, you’d also have to avoid all the derivatives of them, which would include items such as maltodextrin, soy lecitin, and high fructose corn syrup.

Other common GM products include:  Continue reading

The OCCUPATION FORCES are Marxist Progressives:A True Tale of Treason, Tyranny and Looting.

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by: Andrew C. Wallace

“Now a word to those ignorant followers of the Marxist Progressives in both parties who say that we can’t return to an unlimited manufacturing based prosperity when we also have the largest protected free market in the world to absorb the production, and the government has been taken off our backs. Of course this is the guaranteed, and proven result of a Constitutional Free Enterprise System, read your history”

The super rich Elites and their Forbearers have controlled the corporations, media, and our government officials for more than 100 years allowing them, with the help of foundations to ignore the Constitution, resulting in looting, tyranny, treason and death. These Occupation Forces are greedy, power mad Marxist Progressive enemies of the people, but you must rejoice because for the first time in history our people know they are being unconstitutionally screwed. More

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