WikiLeaks Video of US Army in Iraq Killing Innocent Journalists and Civilians SHOOTING


They not only kill journalists and locals, they also kill those who try to help the wounded.  Two children were also wounded, but as our military says…oh! well!

Hysteria led to an overreaction that resulted in a disaster, just like after 9-11.


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Quote of the Day: “Courage is grace under pressure.” — Ernest Hemingway

* The C.I.A.’s 1953 overthrow of the democratic government of Iran that led to all the problems we have with that country today 
The Gulf of Tonkin fraud that Lyndon Johnson used to entrench America in Vietnam 
* Support for groups in Afghanistan who went on to become the Taliban and Al Qaeda”

Well, we as a nation weren’t very graceful after 9-11. Our reaction led us to . . .

* Trash our Constitution and our Bill of Rights
* A bungled invasion of Afghanistan
* And a completely unnecessary war and occupation in Iraq

Sadly, this kind of thing has happened many times before. For instance . . .

Way back in 1898 the Battleship Maine exploded in Havana Harbor. Decades later the Navy determined that the explosion had been an accident, but . . . 

The hysterical way Americans reacted at the time led to a pointless war with Spain, followed by an evil war of colonial conquest in the Philippines.

In other words . . .

Hysteria led to an overreaction that resulted in a disaster, just like after 9-11.

Something similar happened during World War I. Our politicians loudly claimed neutrality, but they were not neutral. Instead . . . More

Protest the DFL Plans to Make ObamaCare Law in Minnesota!



Protest the DFL Plans to Make ObamaCare Law in Minnesota!

TOMORROW, Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Please show up, stand up and speak up!

DATE:     TUESDAY, April 6, 2010

TIME:     3:00 PM (ARRIVE AT THE ROOM AT LEAST 15-30 min early so you don’t miss a thing – or your sticker) The hearing will likely last 1.5 – 2 hours.

TELEVISED: Just in. The hearing will be televised. For those who cannot join us, watch it on the Minnesota legislative channel (check your local listing; Channel 17 in the metro). You can also watch it online here. Prepare to watch and email these legislators comments during the hearing…or to call their offices with comments! (rep.firstname.lastname@house.mn)

FINDING CCHC: We know that we may not know each other’s faces, so, to find us and get your sticker, please look for people handing out anti-ObamaCare stickers to wear – either in the room, or outside of the room. OR…look for people that are already wearing the stickers and let them point you to us. More

Letter to the Editor Christian Science Monitor

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By : Mark Dankof

Letter to the Editor
Christian Science Monitor
Dear Sir (s):
     As a Lutheran pastor and ex-host of “Mark Dankof’s America” on the Republic Broadcasting Network, I wish to respond to your recent articles by Patrik Jonsson, entitled “Guardians of the free Republics Tied to Texas Radio Station,” and “Guardians of the free Republics:  Could Threats Spark Violence?”
     It is clear that Sam Kennedy of the “Take No Prisoners“  show on the Republic Broadcasting Network, was clearly irresponsible in his reported actions taken in conjunction with the Guardians organization, apparently inextricably linked to the “sovereign citizens” ideology.  Much like its first cousin, the so-called Christian Identity movement, such groupings simply serve to discredit a larger American populist movement that has many legitimate grievances, and an equal number of intellectually respectable adherents. More

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