by: J. Speer-Williams (c)copyright 2010

Beholden to a handful of financial oligarchs, congressional democrats passed Obamacare, over the opposition of millions of Americans, while republicans in Washington kept the left/right paradigm alive by pretending to oppose the new Healthcare “Reform” Bill.

With the plutocrats of the International Monetary/Banking Cartel in control of all US intelligence agencies, democratic senators and congress-persons had little fear of being voted out of office, when voting for Obamacare, no matter how much their constituents opposed that legislation. You see, its the Cartel’s intelligence agents who implement electronic voting machines that “elect” Cartel minions to congress. And, we the people can go … well, we can go on pretending we live in a democratic country.

President John Kennedy privately fumed over US intelligence agencies, and threatened to tear the CIA into a thousand pieces; obviously, this was one of the major reasons the Cartel had their intelligence agents kill our president.

In the book Votescam: The Stealing of America, written by the brothers James and Phillip Collier, the authors give much credible evidence that after the assassination of President Kennedy, a shadow government took over micro-managing the mass media, determining election outcomes, and using exit polls to justify fraudulent elections.

Prior to the use of electronic voting machines, that began in the ’70s, our democracy suffered from “voter fraud,” wherein individual voters were bribed or threatened, a slow, expensive, unsure process of voting fraud. But with electronic voting machines came “election fraud,” wherein an entire election could be fixed by a few undercover operatives. Enter the Cartel’s intelligence agents, backed up with the necessary software to do the job.

The non-partisan US Government Accounting Office (GAO) announced in a special report of September 2005 that stealing national or state-wide elections, with electronic voting machines, did not require a widespread conspiracy, but could be done by a few coordinated conspirators – a report the Cartel’s mainstream media, of course, ignored.

Researchers at Princeton University proved, on video, ( how certain software can alter actual voting results on electronic voting machines, then spread its virus to an entire population of similar machines, and cover its tracks in the process.

Once this software has completed its fraudulent vote count, the malicious software self-destructs, leaving no trace of itself. At this point, it will appear to all investigators that the election was conducted fairly.

According to the Princeton researchers, it only takes about one minute to install this vote altering virus, and then to infect enough other such machines to throw elections.

These government mandated machines are anything but secure; and any honest government would discontinue their use. But then again, the Cartel’s clandestine governmental intelligence agents, and those bureaucrats and politicians they control, are anything but honest.

The first step in taking back our country must be to take back our intelligence services, and to reduce their size, scope, and funding. Intelligence agents can only operate in the dark; they wither and die in the light of exposure.

J. Speer-Williams