by: Lynn Swearingen

Guam could tip over!

Yes America – contrary to all known scientific facts – The Honorable Hank Johnson from Georgia has brought forth to our attention the most devastating situation.

Brace yourself.

Guam could tip over if the military presence on the island increases as planned.

Somehow the proposed additional 8,000 Marines and their families could indeed “tip the balance”. Guam could be lost forever to the shadowy deeps. Screaming children could slip beneath the waves consumed by….anyway one comprehends the insanity of Mr. Johnson’s assertion.

In the Video, Representative Johnson was assured by Robert Willard, commander of the U.S. fleet in the Pacific, that this was “not anticipated”.

From the individuals who are forcing Health Care and numerous other reforms down this Nations gullet, one supposes Science and Facts don’t really matter.

Welcome to Fools in April. Tomorrow, the Speaker Herself.