My guest this week is Mr. Robert Schulz, Founder of the We The People Foundation, who will be talking about the Continental Congress 2009 and the upcomong delivery of the “Articles of Freedom” by the People to their servant government. In Novermber of 2009, 116 citizen-delegates from 48 states gathered for eleven days in St Charles Illinois to discuss the violations of the Constitution by the federal government and to decide on a plan of action to restore Constitutional governance in America (www.cc2009.us).
The “Articles of Freedom” represent the works of the Continental Congress 2009, and the delivery of this document was determined to be the Appropriate Next Step in the Process of Liberty.   The document is the only one of its kind in America at this time and it contains Remedial Instructions to Congress and the States, as well as recommended civic actions the People can take to ensure compliance with a return to the Constitution. (www.articlesoffreedom.us)

On April 19th (Patriots’ Day) , at 3pm EST, the plan is to have the People gather simultaneously in every state, at their state capitol buildings, to deliver the Articles of Freedom to six of their elected officials, including their two U.S. Senators, the U.S Congressman or woman whose district includes the state capital city; the Governor; and the Speaker of each Chamber of the State Legislature. Mr. Schulz will be talking about the the plans for Patriots’ Day and will be asking all Patriots to participate in this event.
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Mere Possession of a Firearm Cause for Alarm, According to Police

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by: Gary Rea (c)copyright 2010


In Jonesboro, Arkansas this morning, police called in a “lockdown” of a local school in Craighead County because they spotted a man walking along a road with a rifle in his hand. Never mind that the school was miles away from where the man was sighted and that both police and school officials later admitted later that the man posed no threat to the school.

This “incident” is further evidence of a mindset that has unfortunately been promoted for so long, now that it has become the norm. That mindset is that, somehow, exercising one’s Second Amendment right in any way – even merely carrying a firearm – constitutes some sort of “threat.” More

Fools in April. #1 Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA)


by: Lynn Swearingen

Guam could tip over!

Yes America – contrary to all known scientific facts – The Honorable Hank Johnson from Georgia has brought forth to our attention the most devastating situation.

Brace yourself.

Guam could tip over if the military presence on the island increases as planned.

Somehow the proposed additional 8,000 Marines and their families could indeed “tip the balance”. Guam could be lost forever to the shadowy deeps. Screaming children could slip beneath the waves consumed by….anyway one comprehends the insanity of Mr. Johnson’s assertion.

In the Video, Representative Johnson was assured by Robert Willard, commander of the U.S. fleet in the Pacific, that this was “not anticipated”.

From the individuals who are forcing Health Care and numerous other reforms down this Nations gullet, one supposes Science and Facts don’t really matter.

Welcome to Fools in April. Tomorrow, the Speaker Herself.

We Spoke Loudly … But It Didn’t Matter At All, They’re EnforcingObamacare Regardless of What We Think

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by: J. Speer-Williams (c)copyright 2010

Beholden to a handful of financial oligarchs, congressional democrats passed Obamacare, over the opposition of millions of Americans, while republicans in Washington kept the left/right paradigm alive by pretending to oppose the new Healthcare “Reform” Bill.

With the plutocrats of the International Monetary/Banking Cartel in control of all US intelligence agencies, democratic senators and congress-persons had little fear of being voted out of office, when voting for Obamacare, no matter how much their constituents opposed that legislation. You see, its the Cartel’s intelligence agents who implement electronic voting machines that “elect” Cartel minions to congress. And, we the people can go … well, we can go on pretending we live in a democratic country.

President John Kennedy privately fumed over US intelligence agencies, and threatened to tear the CIA into a thousand pieces; obviously, this was one of the major reasons the Cartel had their intelligence agents kill our president.

In the book Votescam: The Stealing of America, written by the brothers James and Phillip Collier, the authors give much credible evidence that after the assassination of President Kennedy, a shadow government took over micro-managing the mass media, determining election outcomes, and using exit polls to justify fraudulent elections. More

Health legislation is non-positive corporate code: the federal government is not empowered to legislate healthcare

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by: Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


As hard as the White House tries to change the subject, the war over healthcare just won’t go away; and it shouldn’t.  Public health is not in the enumerated powers of the constitution and is written into the corporate US Code & Title as a non-positive title. 

Public health is non-positive meaning it cannot be used as the basis for criminal charges and cannot be codified into binding US law.  As a non-positive entry it is unenforceable.  Any law passed by congress regarding public health is non-binding and unenforceable, and they know it.  So does every state attorney general out there as does every blowhard attorney and scholar who claims the federal government is within its rights when they know for a fact, it is not.  The only place this law is enforceable is in the ten square miles of the District of Columbia: the Federal Zone. More

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