They are so damn proud of this Active Denial System. Originally tested in Iraq and Afghanistan on civillians who were protesting the occupation, the ADS can cause spontaneous bleeding from ears, nose and mouth.  In effect, it will microwave human beings.  Far less messy than shooting their brains out for dissenting, this is the ultimate weapon for “plausible deniability”. In other words, you may know they used this weapon on you, you just won’t be able to prove it. 

The system was designed for actual use here in the US against the civillian population.  Many major cities in the US now have armoured vehicles and tanks and some are rumored to have the ADS already installed.  And the military…that would be OUR military…is so damn proud of this.  ADS is far more popular with the military than the sonic sound weapon used on the Pennsylvania protesters.  Fox news seems equally as thrilled with this torture device.  Go figure.