by: Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


One of the darkest periods of our recent social and political history were the years Joe McCarthy mounted what became known as the “Second Red Scare”.  McCarthyism lasted from the 1940’s well into the late 1950’s. 

Making unsubstantiated accusations of treason, subversion and publicly destroying individuals unfortunate enough to be caught in McCarthy’s sites, career’s were ruined along with lives and reputations.  Usually, the only evidence McCarthy and his cohorts had, if you can call it that; was suspicion.  No evidence was needed, and those residing in our hallowed halls of government repeatedly failed to step forward and stop this paranoid fantasy exhibited by McCarthy. 

McCarthyism has been revived via the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The practice of using unsubstantiated accusations has been raised to a fine art by SPLC as they assemble their McCarthy-esque lists of “groups, individuals, organizations, etc.,” whom they want us to believe should come under close scrutiny not only by their own organization, but also the government.  SPLC is a social predator and attempts to be a social controller and is in reality, an arm of government sponsored propaganda. 

Appealing to the prejudices and fears of a less than astute audience, the SPLC spends much of its time “red-baiting”, only now it isn’t the commies we need to fear, it is those damn patriot movements!  It is those people who want illegal immigration stopped; our borders secured; those who advocate for a smaller less intrusive government.  And it is here that SPLC attempts to tie the skin- heads and other racist groups, to the patriot movement.  It is very important for SPLC to make this connection and to implant it into the collective mind of the public.  If they are unsuccessful in doing so and are forced to actually look at the patriot movement for what it actually represents, they would also have to admit that their purpose is propaganda; using it to diminish and marginalize those who are willing to exercise their constitutional right and duty to dissent when government has moved outside its predefined limits as laid out in the Constitution.

It is extremely important to SPLC that the American public come to view any attempts to take our government back from the corruption that is eating away at our foundations as a country as, “rage from the right”.  SPLC has to label the movement negatively then, demonize it by negatively portraying not only those in the movement, but what the movement is truly about.   

Mark Potok of SPLC is of the opinion that patriot groups are all anti-government; anyway, this is what he would like us to believe. The fact is the movements are not anti-government.  They are however disgusted with the form and content of what currently poses as government and want a return to a Constitutional Republic where the government is limited not only in its size, but in the power it has ceded itself. 

Potok also paints all those in these movements as those who are right wing conservatives.  This puts me and several of my associates in a peculiar position; we are all former Democrats, and we are also Tea Party advocates.  Just as so many have walked away from the Republican Party; many have also exited the Democrats.  This is not a matter of “rage from the right” as Potok contends; it is a disgust from across all political spectrums and all segments of society.

For Potok and the SPLC it is imperative that the public be coached into perceiving it as one specific segment of the country.  This is necessary in order for the propaganda to be effective and to continue the false left/right paradigm; pitting one portion of the country against the other.  As long as SPLC and others can keep this intended wedge operational and keep us fighting amongst ourselves we will be less likely to focus on the corruption in government.  In the meantime, charges of disloyalty, rage, danger, subversion, violence and a host of other charges will be levied at anyone who still believes they have the right to dissent. 

The violence Potok is so afraid of has actually come from the government itself and this violence is escalating.  Violence from the government against the people was seen at Ruby ridge, Waco and is now embedded even in the healthcare reform act.  This act makes non-compliance with an unlawful mandate from the federal government punishable by fines and imprisonment and the act of defending one’s self from forced compliance worthy of a shot to the head.  I don’t think you can get much more violent than that.  It seems Potok and the SPLC don’t consider it a violent act if the government is the agent holding the gun.

In the end, the SPLC is the modern day version of Joe McCarthy and his collection of red baiting friends.  Working as a political agitator and blacklisting patriot groups, SPLC appeals to the prejudices and biases of the simple minded.  The public pronouncements of who is on one of their lists, which groups are “hate groups”, which are anti-government; which are a threat to the country are all premised on the notion that McCarthyism should be revived and a whole-sale blacklisting of anyone not conforming to, or acquiescing to unlawful government mandates, SPLC attempts to sway public opinion and validate their own existence.

Watching the recent appearances of Mark Potok, most recently on MSNBC’s Keith Olberman show, I have to wonder what old Joe McCarthy might think if he were here?  I’m sure he would be proud of Potok’s public proclamations of who is the new, modern day ”commie” and who isn’t.  I guess now we will just have to wait in anticipation to see when the hearings will begin as one group or individual is hauled before the new grand inquisition.  It can’t be too far off in the future; what’s the use of reviving McCarthyism if you can’t persecute others publicly for holding beliefs contrary to your own?