by: Ruthie Hendrycks

Dear Mr. Armey and Freedom Works:

I welcome the support of Freedom Works with regards to the many issues we find our nation faced with today and especially those in the efforts fighting illegal immigration.

However with that said, Mr. Armey, as a representative of Freedom Works – you no more speak for me on the issue of illegal immigration than do others with opposing views.

I do realize that you have the right to speak your mind and share your views – just as I do – however your action of throwing groups, organizations and individuals “under the bus” who disagree with you… is disturbing not to mention in direct violation of what the Tea Party Movement stands for.

Freedom Works is but one of many groups involved with the Tea Party Movement – and I would like to respectfully demand that in the future – any comments on this issue by you or your organization – state just that – this is YOUR point of view and not that of the Tea Party Movement. You are not in charge of this activism – you are a part of it – period.

In addition, I find your comments at the National Press Corp, unprofessional, degrading and ill mannered.  Your speech can be viewed here: 

At approximately 11 minutes into your speech, without regard to the citizens of  Minnesota, you state….. “Jessie Ventura is Minnesota’s problem” and “they deserve him”.  I did not vote for Jessie Ventura.  Although he had a few goods ideas, by far I would not support him. I am puzzled however, by your attack seeing that you both share the same point of view on illegal immigration. Ventura – open borders and Armey – it is all about the votes. I also wonder, if the “MN Organizers” are aware of your distaste of Minnesota?

In this same speech at 31 minutes…. you use the old tactic – name calling with regards to the Republican Party – same tired old rhetoric. In addition, The Tea Party Movement is not about party affiliation.

You seem to be real flippant in your views, thoughts and comments on the issue of illegal immigration. Quite frankly I request – if you wish to publicly discuss this issue – do your homework.

You state that “INS should be able to do they job”. First: INS was shut down in 2003, replaced with USCIS, CBP, ICE.   Second:  If they were actually able to do their job and enforce our immigration laws you and I would not be having this discussion. 

To those who are educated on this issue and do not support your point of view, your lack of regard to information and the views of the American Citizens (the majority, poll after poll) is quite disturbing. In addition I never hear from you any dialogue of real substance.  Take for example: unemployment in this Country.  Americans and legal residents losing their homes.  The outrageous costs of illegal immigration to the American taxpayer;  the cost of lives and human suffering to fellow citizens at the hands of someone who should not have been in the Country to begin with.  The environmental issues, future sustainability and other issues; then we could always discuss the issues of our safety, sovereignty and security.

As I stated before – your thoughts are your thoughts, mine thoughts and beliefs are mine; it is apparent we disagree tremendously. However, your thoughts are just that – YOURS.  Those Tea Party Patriots that are involved in the illegal immigration battle will continue to fight for a secure border and ending illegal immigration – not rewarding it. We will fight with facts and the future of our Country in mind, not for the issues of cheap labor, head count or the almighty votes you seem to advocate.

Feel free to contact me anytime, I am sure it would be an interesting conversation, not to mention educational for some.

Ruthie Hendrycks

President and Founder

Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform


3. Seems that MINNSIR member, Patriot Bob has started quite a dialog in the Austin Daily Herald. Please take a look and share your thoughts – if you would like.

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