Protected: Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution

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Dear Mr. Armey: you don’t speak for the Tea Party movement

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 by: Ruthie Hendrycks  minnsir@yahoo.com

Dear Mr. Armey and Freedom Works:

I welcome the support of Freedom Works with regards to the many issues we find our nation faced with today and especially those in the efforts fighting illegal immigration.

However with that said, Mr. Armey, as a representative of Freedom Works – you no more speak for me on the issue of illegal immigration than do others with opposing views.

I do realize that you have the right to speak your mind and share your views – just as I do – however your action of throwing groups, organizations and individuals “under the bus” who disagree with you… is disturbing not to mention in direct violation of what the Tea Party Movement stands for. More

Oakland Four’ Sued by LCMS – Interview by Rev. Cascione

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Dear National Religion and/or News Editor:

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church of Oakland, California has filed a motion for summary judgment as defendants in a legal case being pursued by the California–Nevada–Hawaii District of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, and its District President, Robert Newton.

The motion is attached. For further information, please contact Dr. Sharon Bowles of San Francisco State University at airshay2@cs.com.

Court file: wORD 97 VERSION OF P&A in support of defendants summary judgment (3)  

There are also 2 videos on You Tube which will brief you on this case. See: View interview with Oakland Four Oakland Four’ Sued by More

McCain & Lieberman: The Enemy Belligerent Act or: The Attack of the Grumpy Old Men


by: Marti Oakley (c)coyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


What is a “Belligerent”?  According to the online free dictionary it is one who is:

1. Inclined or eager to fight; hostile or aggressive.

2. Of, pertaining to, or engaged in warfare.

n.One that is hostile or aggressive, especially one that is engaged in war.

Black’s Law 8th Edition,Pg. 164, says only that it is a country involved in a war or other international armed conflict. 

Obviously, this bill authored by McCain and Lieberman is a declaration of war against the people of the (50) sovereign yet united, states. 

It would appear that the corporate United States is in fact an Enemy Belligerent, having waged multiple undeclared wars of aggression against non-threatening countries and now openly has declared war against the American public under this bill. 

Senators McCain and Lieberman seem to have turned their attention to constructing the means by which legal US citizens can be detained, interrogated and tortured.  It would also allow the indefinite detention of any individual anywhere in the world for any reason or no reason.  This must be the facilitating act to support Obama’s “Prolonged Detention Programs” where US citizens can be indefinitely detained for crimes they never committed……but the government via some lunatic in some office hidden deep in the White house decides needs re-education because they voiced their dissent about egregious government policies.  More