Leslie Davis is an Minnesota activist.

Opinion by Leslie Davis

Afghanistan and Iraq are undeclared guerrilla wars where the guerrilla hides by day amongst the populace. Guerrilla is a synonym for insurgent but the politicians and militarists can’t face that fact. Chasing guerillas (insurgents) with drones and huge bombs causes enormous damage, kills and maims civilians, creates rage and anger amongst the populace, and increases guerrilla support.

American leaders were wrong in thinking the Afghanis and Iraqis would praise us for occupying their countries, and picking their government. Many formerly friendly are now upset with us and appear to be providing significant support for the guerrilla army.

The guerrillas fill their losses faster than we can create them. Bombing them in their homes and strongholds will not defeat them. Only the erosion of their support can defeat them and that is not likely to happen under our current policies.

The guerrilla lives on top of his supplies and has close support from family, friends, and traditional religious networks. While we must import all our supplies into Afghanistan and Iraq and distribute them along supply lines that are extremely vulnerable to attack.

Most of our military generals consistently underestimate other people’s capabilities. They did it in Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, and now in Afghanistan, Iraq and Colombia. They are not prepared to fight the guerrillas of Afghanistan and Iraq, and they are squandering the lives of our noble, honorable, and valuable soldiers. Meanwhile the guerrillas are updating their tactics and displaying significant resiliency and adaptability.

Our brave and honorable Minnesota National Guard troops should not participate in these undeclared war activities.

With respect,

 Leslie Davis, Founder and President

The Earth Protector Environmental Group

Army veteran