I OPPOSE CONFORMING MINNESOTA LAW TO OBAMACARE!  This petition is attached below. 

Citizens’ Council on Health Care
Friday, March 26, 2010Dear Friends of Freedom,


HELP PAWLENTY SAY NO: Let’s give Governor Tim Pawlenty all the help we can!. The DFL will likely try to put this language in the middle of another bill making it more difficult for Governor Pawlenty to veto. Although the Governor was a strong supporter of the single-seller Exchange in 2007 and 2008 (we defeated it both years with your petitions, testifiers at hearings, insurance agents attending hearings and other organizations), we suspect that he will be pleased to get our support to stop this bill this year.


EVEN WORSE: The bill not only requires Minnesota to conform to the federal bill, it moves the date of implementation and the individual mandate from 2014 to January 1, 2012. It adds a more restrictive individual mandate to purchase health insurance (no exceptions), regional payment reform for Medicare (think Hillary’s regional alliances doing cost containment through care restrictions) the “public option” (single-payer plan rejected by the U.S. Senate), and a state “health insurance exchange” (bureaucracy to sell insurance and track insurance status) by 2012.

Two days ago we put our petition against the bill online to see who noticed. The freedom-minded have found it, but it seems someone on the pro-ObamaCare side may have as well. Yesterday, a CCHC supporter had someone from a progressive organization at his door seeking signatures on a petition asking Governor Pawlenty not to block ObamaCare.

Sign our PETITION against conforming Minnesota law to ObamaCare!

THE MN LEGISLATION: Three days before the U.S. House voted to pass ObamaCare, Rep. Tom Huntley (D-Duluth) introduced a bill to conform Minnesota law to ObamaCare. The day before ObamaCare was signed into law, Senator Ann Lynch (D-Rochester) did the same. The Minnesota bill would be even worse than ObamaCare! Hard to imagine, I know.
The CCHC petition is online in a “click and send” version, online in a pdf version to download, copy and distribute, and below.

We want to deliver thousands of petitions to Governor Pawlenty as soon as possible. Please sign one and get others to sign it as well!
Twila Brase, RN, PHN
Citizens’ Council on Health Care




I, the undersigned citizen oppose HF 3709 (Huntley and DFL co-authors)) and SF 3296 (Lynch(D) and DFL co-authors) because the legislation will:
•    Make ObamaCare the Law of the Land in Minnesota. If passed, the bills will require Minnesota to conform to the unconstitutional government-takeover health care bill signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010. – p. 1, lines 2-3 (Legislation as introduced).
•    Mandate Purchase of Health Insurance: Individuals must have qualified coverage. Unlike ObamaCare, where there are hardship and other exemptions, including for those in medical sharing groups, there will be NO exceptions. Monthly penalties apply. – p. 13, line 32.

•    Expand Medicaid into the Middle Class with Taxpayer-Funded Subsidies: Tax revenue collected by the MinnesotaCare provider tax will be used to provide subsidies for individuals with incomes up to $43,320 and families of four with incomes up to $88,200. For families with children and adults without children, assets will be disregarded. – p. 1, line 29.

•    Establish a Government-Run “Exchange” for the Purchase of Health Insurance. The Exchange will limit access to insurance options, add a fee to individual & small business premiums, bill employers and collect individual premium payments (including by automatic payroll deductions). The Exchange Board of Directors will be government bureaucrats and political appointees—and the State will NOT be liable for actions of the Exchange. – p. 8, ln. 10.

•    Establish a Minnesota “Public Option”: The Commissioner of Human Services must develop and offer a “publicly administered health plan” through the Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange. It must meet the federal requirements of ObamaCare. – p. 4, line 3.

•    Control Doctors and Cut Medicare Benefits: “The Commissioner of Human Services may enter into agreements with other states to establish a regional payment reform system to reimburse physician groups, integrated delivery systems and accountable care organization that provide services to Medicare enrollees. The regional payment reform system may use alternative payment systems that provide financial incentives for efficient, high-quality care [not defined]. The system may also modify the standard Medicare benefit set.” – p. 3, line 26.

Please deliver this signed petition to Governor Pawlenty.

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