by Gary Rea (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


Many in the so-called “patriot movement” are disciples of a world view in which we are merely trapped in a “five-sense” dimension that is an illusion, while the “reality” is that we are all a part of a “universal consciousness” that we can’t perceive as long as we are trapped within the realm that is only apprehended by our five senses. Add to that the belief that the New World Order is run by reptilian shape-shifters, including Queen Elizabeth II, and you have the gist of what has been accepted almost without question and certainly without a shred of supporting evidence by millions of people all over the world.

Of course, the “reality” I describe is that which is promulgated by David Icke, former soccer player turned BBC sportscaster turned New Age charlatan. The best part of all this, for David Icke (aside from the millions he has made from the sale of his books, videos and lecture tours) is that absolutely none of what he says can be disproven. Of course, the other side of the same coin is that it can’t be proven, either, except for the parts about the concrete aspects of the New World Order that don’t rely upon shape-shifting lizard people from another dimension.

Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped him from effectively persuading people of all ages and walks of life that they are living an illusion and that they are being manipulated by the reptilian shape-shifters as long as they continue to remain tied to this “five-sense” realm.

What makes Icke’s views so palatable is that he has skillfully interwoven the fanciful aspects – our supposed “five-sense” illusory existence and its control by alien reptilian shape-shifters – with the more concrete and very real fact of the New World Order, the international banking cartel that controls the world’s monetary system, and the subterfuge by which the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, et al genuinely are manipulating us all.

While many in the “patriot movement” (and I put that in quotes to denote that it is really not so much an organized movement as it is a very large international gaggle of people who have become awakened to the New World Order via radio personalities, books, the internet, etc.) are thoroughly true believers in the universe David Icke has authored, many more, while they might agree with Icke on the more concrete aspects of the New World Order, tend to dismiss the more esoteric aspects, such as the “five-sense”/universal consciousness dichotomy and the shape-shifting lizard people from another dimension. I freely admit to having been in this camp, myself, for the reality of the New World Order is undeniable. The rest of it, on the other hand certainly is deniable for anyone with a shred of common sense left, and it is only because of the concrete, real material that I have any David Icke material remaining on my website.

Thanks to other “anti-NWO” charlatans, such as Jordan Maxwell and, especially, Alex Jones, who has played host to Icke on his radio program, Icke has gained an ever-growing audience. Thanks, also to the same people who have aided this, there has come a melding together of sorts between Icke, Jones, Maxwell, Allan Watt and Peter Joseph, the producer of the two Zeigeist films, which also indoctrinate the unsuspecting into the very same New World Order it purports to be educating them about. As I said in my article exposing Jordan Maxwell, what is being done is called (by Theosophists), “externalizing the hierarchy,” or, in plain English, preparing people’s minds for the New World Order or New Age by educating them about it. The deceptive aspect of this indoctrination, is that it is all cloaked in terms that make it seem as though those who are telling us about it are exposing it as something diabolical and evil (which it is), while, at the same time, they are actually inserting the knowledge that is necessary to become an unwitting slave to it directly into the public’s subconscious.

As I said in my article, Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) and the All-Digital Television Signal: Connection?, the subconscious has no “firewall.” It has no way of filtering out anything and so everything we see, hear, read and experience goes directly into storage in the subconscious mind without any alteration at all. The implication of this is that, no matter what we may consciously be aware of and whatever conscious judgements we may make of it, these perceptions and judgements have no effect over what is stored away in the subconscious until we consciously reflect upon it later. But, even so, it has been shown that the subconscious exercises a great deal of control – whether we’re consciously aware of it or not – over our behavior and attitudes. Even in those who may view themselves as having a very strong will and the ability to ignore and control the irrational impulses that emanate from their own subconscious thoughts have far less control than they imagine. This was born out by the mass-surrender of Iraqi troops exposed to SSSS during the Gulf War, when that technology was battlefield-tested upon them.

If we consider how the change agents who are behind the surreptitious installation of the New World Order have managed to mold the minds of Americans over a period of decades so that those of us brought up in the fifties and sixties have had our values and moral compass gradually shifted away from the values we were taught as children and toward gradual acceptance of things that we would have gasped at fifty years ago, it should come as no surprise how effective such change agents as David Icke have been.

After all, that decades-old conditioning of our minds has molded us into people who are very susceptible to new ideas, new ways of looking at the world. In fact, part of that conditioning has been accompanied by the mantra to always be “open-minded,” to an extent never seen in earlier generations, who were rightly taught to be more skeptical. We have all been continually assaulted by the idea that to be “closed-minded” is somehow “bad” and that “open-mindedness” is somehow “good,” when, in fact, the unguarded mind is the hoped for target of every despot who ever lived. We are, thus, victims of our own gullibility.

In this day an age, in which most of the world accepts without question whatever they are told by the media, the government, the church, academia and the scientific establishment (which has been taken over by charlatans posing as “scientists” since almost a century ago), the minds of all are ripe for whatever absurdities may come along.

That gullibility is at the heart of David Icke’s success. Without your trusting open-mindedness, his message cannot find a host to infect. It is the fact that we have all been trained to accept and hold contradictory beliefs that makes it possible for millions of otherwise intelligent people to accept that we are all under the control of alien lizard people from another dimension.

Yet another aspect of David Icke, and one that has been pointed out by others, is that he may very well be a Freemason, which would explain a lot, since most of the people involved in the New World Order are, indeed, Freemasons, and so are the people who are supposedly “exposing” the New World Order, as I pointed out in my articles on Alex Jones.