By Ron Ewart, President

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What has happened to America and our beloved Constitutional Republic?  What catalyst or disease transformed politicians into men and women who have become devoid of honor?  No, not all of them, but way too many.  Why have the principles of freedom and liberty become passé, out-of-date, or just plain irrelevant?  How is it we have morphed into the false loyalty of “my party, right or wrong, my party.”  That’s Nazi stuff, not American.  What on earth possessed us to “spit” on the foundation of our liberties, in favor of what …… Security? Comfort? Enslavement?  Have we lost our collective minds?

Why do so many Americans think it is perfectly OK to cheat on auto, fire or medical claims to insurance companies, or file in-accurate or falsified income tax returns?  And we wonder why insurance premiums are so high!  Why do we lie on employment or loan applications?   Why do we engage in the consumption of illegal drugs that get people killed on both sides of our southern border?  It is Americans consuming illegal drugs that drive the violent drug wars and the killings in Mexico and America. 

The reason for all these things is that we have lost the virtue of honor.  A large segment of our American population have lost it by succumbing to the siren call of a “free” lunch from government, when we all know, the “lunch” isn’t free.  The politicians have lost honor because, in a representative government, politicians are a reflection of the people who vote them into office.

If we do not value honor, integrity and honesty in ourselves, we will not value those very same qualities in our leaders.  In today’s world, those men and women without honor, integrity and honesty continue to be elected to public office.  Therefore, by our own choice, we allow dishonor and dishonesty to perpetuate itself and frankly, we deserve what we get.

Many ask, why should we obey the law, when the law makers themselves, are law breakers?  Why should we pay our taxes, or why shouldn’t we cheat on our income tax returns, when the law makers waste our money with reckless abandon?  But where does all this lead when we are a country based on the rule of law?  If the law makers don’t obey the law and the citizens don’t obey the law, we are headed for an Absolute Democrat Monarchy at best, or going off the steep precipice of chaos and anarchy into Hell, at worst.

There was a line in an old western song that seemed appropriate to our dilemma.  In the song the singer asks, “why do you surround yourself with people who demand so little of you?”  In that regard, why do we put up with leaders who turn their heads away from honor, integrity, honesty, principle and the rule of law? 

Should we stay on this course, we are headed for a civil unrest, the likes of which this country has never seen.  Greater than the American Revolution, greater than even the Civil War and greater than both World Wars, or the smaller wars that occurred thereafter.  When the rule of law breaks down, when the banks collapse, when food, water and energy become scarce or intermittent, irrational rage takes its place, because a hungry belly has nothing to lose by going to war and will throw all caution to the winds.  Anarchy reigns.

This weekend in Washington DC, the seeds of civil unrest are being planted on the grounds of the national capitol.  Although the main focus will be on stopping Obama care, other groups will be hijacking the event and will be looking to incite violence.  Anti-war, pro-amnesty and union groups will be coming together with freedom groups and the potential for outbreaks of violence is high.  Whether Obama care passes or not, these clashes will become more common as our leaders, who have forsaken honor and the Supreme Law of the Land, continue their head long rush into the dead-end tunnel of socialism.  Un contolled violence could very easily be one of the results of that head long rush, if we let it.

But violence is the last thing that rationale men and women need in their attempts to take back America.  The mechanisms to restore our Constitutional Republic are contained in the very document that codified its liberty into the laws of man, our Constitution.  We need to focus all of our energies on a peaceful resolution to the evil that has over taken us, while we were sleeping.  It is already beginning.  The states and the people are exercising their right as the “Consent of the Governed”, albeit a little tardy.

This author beseeches all men and women of good will to take the high road in our efforts to regain our freedoms and abstain from violence.  We are one of the members of “Unite in Action” ( advisory board who are planning the second great 9-12 March on Washington DC this coming September.  The Board of “Unite for Action” has issued the following press release and we encourage everyone who values honor, integrity, honesty and the rule of law, to heed their warning.


Unite In Action supports peaceful & lawful demonstrations at the U.S. Capitol.

Unite In Action, Inc, (UIA); sponsor of the 9/11 2010 March On DC, supports the peaceful and lawful demonstration at the U.S. Capitol, scheduled for March 20, 2010. UIA does not and will not advocate any form of lawlessness or social disobedience.  It has come to our attention that some groups are planning to block entrances and exits to the US Capitol, beginning March 20, 2010. UIA does not and will not support these or any actions that break the law.  We encourage all attendees to fully comply with the lawful orders of the DC Police.  We encourage all participants to make their voices heard lawfully and respectfully.

Stephani Scruggs, President

Unite In Action, Inc.

So yes! Americans must obey the rule of law just as sure as they value honor, integrity and honesty, but we must also detour the law makers from becoming law breakers, or remove the law breakers from office at the next election.  We have only eight more months to go to show the first set of law breakers the door.

Ron Ewart, President


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