Revisiting Operation Northwoods


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For those in the “patriot movement” who have often used links to the popular video clip (originally from Alex Jones) on Operation Northwoods to make your point about our government’s long history of false-flag terrorist operations, there is a new tool for your use that is far superior: the Northwoods document, itself.  All 15 pages of it.

Actually, it’s a digital copy of a photocopy of the original document, which was declassified by the Department of Defense in the mid-nineties. It is available for download, as well as printing, from Scribd, where it was posted, along with many other controversial documents, by a Scribd user calling himself “Androline.”

So, now that you know where to find it, may it go forth and multiply.

Among the other documents on Androline’s Scribd page are a 19-page article from the seventies, exposing the plans for concentration camps in America, as well as a 50-page document on the commissioning and construction of the Georgia Guidestones, which includes detailed photographs of the construction process, as well as the people responsible for it.

For those of you who are not in the “patriot movement,” you might want to take a look at these materials, anyway. I guarantee they will change your life.

Sen. Johanns Speaks Out Against A Mandate On The National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

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NAIS Stinks

Editor’s Note: Past Sec. of Agriculture, now Senator Mike Johanns was the chief NAIS enforcer fighting for a mandatory NAIS just a couple years ago. He was charged with cutting the first deals with Farm Bureau, the Holstein Assn USA Inc, National Pork Producers Council, Indian tribes, the American Angus Assn and every state department of agriculture, providing “grants” to enroll their producer’s premises in NAIS — over one hundred million dollars.

His repentant pleadings and demands for the complete death of NAIS is clear. Seldom does a Senator define their views with this detail and clarity.

Now, for the first time, his presentation is the exact position of the US livestock producer. Finally, a clear defined true picture is offered by a USDA insider who promoted NAIS with his whole heart, then with no notice, resigned, realizing NAIS was devastating to USDA and the producer. This is the voice of experience.

We compliment Senator Johanns for his honesty, at this time.

You might be a member of the International Perverts and Pedophiles’ Federation (IPPF) if…

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By Barbara H. Peterson

Well folks, I’ve just about seen it all now. I can truly say that I never thought I would see something like this in my lifetime, but hold onto your horses, it’s true. The Girl Scouts are receiving sex training manuals from the oh so thoughtful folks at Planned Parenthood.

This is a step-by-step instruction booklet in an easy to read format. Heck, even I can understand what to do. Can someone please tell me what earthly good it serves to train children how to have sex with anyone they want to whenever they want to, from as early as five years old? And then go so far as to distribute an instruction manual????


“Why Should We Obey the Law -When the Law Makers Are Law Breakers?”

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 By Ron Ewart, President

National Association of Rural Landowners and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.We are spreading the message of American Freedom around the globe.

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What has happened to America and our beloved Constitutional Republic?  What catalyst or disease transformed politicians into men and women who have become devoid of honor?  No, not all of them, but way too many.  Why have the principles of freedom and liberty become passé, out-of-date, or just plain irrelevant?  How is it we have morphed into the false loyalty of “my party, right or wrong, my party.”  That’s Nazi stuff, not American.  What on earth possessed us to “spit” on the foundation of our liberties, in favor of what …… Security? Comfort? Enslavement?  Have we lost our collective minds? More


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by: John Wallace
Take heart, freedom loving Americans. The Health Care bill is only one battle in the long war to restore our freedoms and liberty. The ‘Gang of Three’ (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) will keep pushing additional individual pieces of their American Communist Manifesto on us. They will be pushing Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Cap and Trade, and gun legislation, before the elections in November of 2010.

We must continue the fight for Liberty and Freedom and resist each and every piece of legislation in every legal way that we can. When election day comes in November, we will oust many of the leaders and followers of the Democratic-Communist politburo in the House and Senate and our battle plan will turn from defensive actions to offensive actions. More

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