Obama: Wow, what a guy….

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by: J. Speer-Williams (c)copyright 2010

Wow, What a Guy …

The Holy Bible has less than 1,300 pages. But, how would you like to be tasked with having to read all those pages, until you understood them, in a month, a week, or a day, while having what some say is the most difficult job in the world?

President Obama did something far more heroic than that. He carefully read twice that many pages, and all of it was in some of the most poorly written, most abstruse legalese imaginable. It was the 2,700, plus, pages of the Healthcare “Reform” bill, commonly called Obamacare; and since this bill was always changing, add another 300 pages poor Obama had to read. More

Owning The ‘United States®’

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The Census envelope arrived yesterday and with it came some very interesting new information. On the face of the envelope under the line: U. S. Census Form Enclosed is the very large and very bold STATEMENT:


Then centered at the top of the Envelope was this ‘creative’ Logo from the U. S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration, U. S. Census Bureau

Under a magnifying glass, you can easily read the “R” inside the circle directly to the right of the “s” in ‘United States’. This symbol “®” stands for “registered” as in a commercial registration of this image; indicating that the phrase it follows is privately owned and that any use of it (in this case the two words ‘United States’) beyond the ‘owners’ specific authorization is prohibited!


“Who OWNS the registration of the words ‘United States’ when these two words are being used together to define not just an aspect of this Republic; but the entirety of the nation as a state and as a country? And: If those two words can be privately owned and then used in the process that counts the people, to determine how much money each district will receive, based on population-numbers: What does this say about the “nation” that has now obviously become privately owned; not to mention the people within what has become a privately held corporation? Have the people of what was the United States without the®, been purchased; along with the actual former name of this country?



Is Another False-Flag Brewing?


by: Gary Rea (c)copyright ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

According to an article published Sunday on Infowars.com by Kurt Nimmo, the Navy may be preparing for another 9/11-type event that could occur as early as today or tomorrow.

Now, those of you who know my writings know that I don’t fully trust Alex Jones as a man, but you also know that I have said that I do trust his information, or most of it, anyway, as I believe it is coming from sources that Jones is privy to that he would rather we didn’t know about. Bear in mind that two men in the “patriot movement” predicted 9/11: the late Bill Cooper and Alex Jones.

Given that, I think that when such an article originates with Infowars, as opposed to being a mainstream article or blog reposted by Infowars, that we are getting either spin from Alex Jones or factual information from Alex Jones that has been relayed to him by “the powers that be” (and you can interpret that as you like). So, it is with some apprehension that I consider this information. More

BBC Says Internet Threatens Rare Species

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by: Gary Rea (c)copyright 2010  ALL RIGHTS RESEVED

In an article on the BBC’s website Sunday, it is claimed that the internet has made it easier for people to “buy and sell anything from live baby lions to polar bear pelts on online auction sites and chatrooms.”

Yeah, right. The whole world is just lining up for seal blubber. The thing about this accusation – which is nothing more than further evidence of the desperation the elite feel over shutting down the internet (i.e., shutting down dissent) – is that the items in question – baby lions, polar bear pelts, etc – are those that only the wealthy can afford to buy, in the first place. In other words, the most likely culprits in this alleged buying and selling of rare animals is the elite, themselves and their minions in government and business! The average person, all around the world, does not posses the means to buy such items, let alone the desire to do so. That is something that only the super rich sickos running the world would salivate over.

So, this excuse for shutting down the internet – and that’s exactly what it is, a lame excuse – is indicative of only one thing: that the global elite will stop at nothing to suppress the exposure of what they are up to. More

An Idea To Express Your Displeasure Over Health Care Bill

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by: Lynn Swearingen (c)copyright 2010

U.S. Dime

If one is upset over the Recent Vote on Health Care, Kevin “Coach” Collins has a pretty good idea today on the Collins Report.

“Stupak lied!

In the dust and fury of the past few days the brazenly cynical Mr. Stupak showed his middle finger to you. On Friday afternoon when it was sure to be lost in the noise, Stupak announced his price and it was a rather cheap one befitting the character of the man himself. His envelop held just $726,409 for improving three airports in his district. So there you have it, you were suckered.

Giving Judas what he deserves

Now it’s our turn to “slip a little something” to this sticky fingered Judas.

Since he’ll now be in a tough re-election fight he’ll need donations. I will be sending him my contribution of thirty dimes which will serve as the 30 pieces of silver his model settled for…”

Mr. Collins application is for a different reason than my own – I truly believe that the entire Health Care Bill is a massive spending bill disguised to destroy the very fabric of our Social and Economic Structure, however one can find much more eloquent dissertations elsewhere. I tend to be more straight forward and the concept of expressing my displeasure leans to the literal.

I will be sending my 30 dimes to my state Legislator who sold out at the last moment. Who knows why he chose to. As far as I know there is no big massive monetary reward waiting in the wings here.

I haven’t decided what message to include to ensure he understands. Perhaps

“It may be my obligation to forgive you for your treasonous actions, however you can ensure I will never forget. Spend this well Sir. Your opponent will be receiving 100 fold for his/her campaign.”

If one does choose to do express their displeasure, please do not forget to send dimes that were minted after 1965. Ones minted pre ’65 actually were made of silver and are worth more than a dime. Save your coins for trade if need be when the Dollar becomes useful for visits to the Lavatory versus the local big box store.

Census U.S. Lockheed Martin/IBM: video


 Census U.S. Lockheed Martin/IBM:  The US census is only allowed to ask how many people in your home.  Nothing allows it to gps coordinate your door with information or to conduct community surveys.  This is a must watch video

       Matrix News.

The following questions were asked of the American Census Bureau.  They backed down from an initial agreement to go on the Matrix show:


Critics call Census pages’ involuntary colonoscopy

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Sandra Finley of Saskatoon, Canada has been fighting the data-mining being done in Canada by Lockeheed-Martin and IBM under the Canadian Census.  This article is part of the history of that battle.


Dear Mr. Unruh,

Thank-you for your article “Critics call Census pages ‘involuntary colonoscopy’ 

Jim Kirwan wrote a related article,  “Privatizing The Census While Perverting Its Purposes”. 

I am currently on trial in Canada because I would not fill in my 2006 census form.   I was one of thousands who did not fill in the form, but one of few being prosecuted.

Initially, I objected because part of the work was outsourced to Lockheed Martin Corporation, the main contractor; I equate them with the U.S. Pentagon.  IBM is a sub-contractor to Lockheed.

There is a horrific history behind state use of personal data (census information) on its citizens.  It is well documented in Edwin Black’s “IBM and the Holocaust”, one example.  More

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