by Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


As April 15 approaches, several tax day protests are planned around the country.  At the heart of these protests is the unrepresented debt that has been foisted on to the people of the (50) sovereign states; people who find they are being taxed to pay for illegal wars and corporate bailouts among other things. 

The IRS is not a federal agency.  The debt incurred for illegal and unlawful activity by the federal corporate government is not ours.  Let those who incurred the debt, pay it.

How many of us are aware that all the so-called laws passed by congress apply only to those inside the Federal zone?  The ten mile square boundary of Washington D.C. is the federal zone.  Only the people who reside inside that boundary are citizens of the corporate UNITED STATES. 

Those of us who reside inside the geographical boundaries of our soveriegn states are treated as foreign by the corporate federal government. When asked where you reside your response should be “on the land, in the (state) of”. 

Did any one of us agree to be made partially or totally liable for the federal debt?  Did you sign any document saying you would pay any debts of the corporations operating as THE UNITED STATES a.k.a THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?  Or the debts of any of its incorporated agencies, administrations, courts, or contracted business partners?  No, you didn’t.  So why are we allowing ourselves to be held liable for this debt? 

The US CODE & TITLE can be accessed here and a search can be done for sections and titles.  

USC 18 Sec. 8. Obligation or other security of the United States defined

      The term “obligation or other security of the United States”
    includes all bonds, certificates of indebtedness, national bank

    currency, Federal Reserve notes, Federal Reserve bank notes,
    coupons, United States notes, Treasury notes, gold certificates,

    silver certificates, fractional notes, certificates of deposit,

    bills, checks, or drafts for money, drawn by or upon authorized

    officers of the United States, stamps and other representatives of

    value, of whatever denomination, issued under any Act of Congress,

    and canceled United States stamps.

Last modified: April 13, 2006…………………..

In a case from 2006, several pertinent statements and questions were posed regarding the unlawful activities of the IRS; the enforcement arm of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), directly challenging the right of the IRS, headquartered in Puerto Rico, to collect taxes using force, intimidation, coercion, deception, and to seize property from the sovereign people of the (50) united states. 

It would be a beneficial to everyone concerned to access this case and to understand how we are deceived into believing the coprorate government and its Codes apply to us.

The Federal Zone: Who knew?

  1. It is an unlawful abuse of procedure to use civil statutes as “evidence of the law” in a criminal matter, particularly when a United States Code has not been enacted into positive law (see, specifically, IRC 7851(a)(6)(A)).

       23.   That the Affiant did not ever knowingly, intentionally, or voluntarily enter  into any agreement, or contract, to be made partially liable for the federal debt, nor did he ever “elect” to be treated as a “resident” of the United States under 26 C.F.R. Section 5h.5(a)(3)(ix) and IRC Sections 6013(g) & (h), by the signing Forms 1040 or any other related “United States” forms, and therefore none of the Affiant’s earnings can be taxed under the provisions of “Debt Management for the Federal Debt” at 7 C.F.R. Part 3;

24.    That the Affiant did not voluntarily agree to use the federal obligations of the “United States”, as those terms were defined at 18 U.S.C. 8; that, if any such unknown contract was entered into, it was by means of deception and the withholding of pertinent and material facts, which deception and withholding of pertinent and material facts constitute constructive fraud by the federal government and are, therefore, null and void ab initio under all forms of law. (end excerpt)

The day has come that each of us needs to familiarize ourselves with law, and most especially with USC Titles.  We cannot depend on attorneys or the court system as they have long since been anything other than enablers of this dictatorial system.  Tax day protests are a beginning, but unless  we are willing to do more than protest and actually stand up and say “NO!”, it really has no effect.