STOP HF1718 A bill that will allow illegal aliens to obtain a Minnesota Drivers License.
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UPDATE – the second meeting was held Thursday at 4:30 pm
I called today and was told that the results from this meeting were to lay this bill over
and attempt to pass it by including it in the Transportation and Finance Omnibus Bill.
The meeting for the Omnibus Bill is tentatively scheduled for this coming 
Thursday March 25th.  
We do not have alot of time – I am asking you to response NOW.
In addition, my LTE (Letter To the Editor) concerning this bill which was published today
follows – if you need additional talking points.
PLEASE SEND you LTE to your local paper and papers of your choosing.
Emailing an LTE on Saturday or Sunday will greatly assist getting it the paper before Thursday to get more voices heard.
Marty Seifert – as we all know, is running for Governor of Minnesota.
He is on the Committee (below) that can stop HF 1718
Email him and ask him where he stands on HF1718 and what he is doing to
stop in dead in its tracks now.
Marty Seifert
233 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St Paul, MN 55155
They can end this bill now – before it goes to the floor
Contact the Authors and share your thoughts 
Michael Paymar
Legislative Assistant: Lisa Gonzalez 651-296-4388
Bernie Lieder
Legislative Assistant: Susie Maher 651-296-5494
David Bly
Legislative Assistant: Rebekah Smith 651-296-8879
Frank Hornstein
Legislative Assistant: Anne O’Connor 651-296-5507
Jerry Newton
Legislative Assistant: Tim Remer 651-297-5723
Carlos Mariani
Legislative Assistant: Celeste Marin 651-296-9115
Karen Clark
Legislative Assistant: Jacob Johnson 651-296-5998
No Drivers License for Illegal Aliens
On March 10th a bill – HF 1718, that would allow illegal aliens to get drivers licenses in Minnesota, passed it’s first step in the House Transportation and Transit Policy Oversight Committee, by a vote of 8-5-1.Wisconsin attempted to pass similar legislation in June of 2009 – it failed.
Those who support such a bill, list issues such as wanting to have a license for driving to work or to be able to buy car insurance, as reasons for changing our laws.
Why would anyone believe that those who knowingly entered the Country illegally, continue to reside in MN illegally, are employed illegally many times with fraudulent documentation and then continue to drive on our roadways unlicensed – are going to run right out and buy insurance?
Why are they driving to jobs in the first place? Minnesota’s unemployment rate is 7.3 to 7.6 percent. Shouldn’t’t these jobs be given to Minnesotans and those legal residents who played by the rules, that are unable to find employment, to those who are losing their homes or barely making ends meet? Not to mention it is against the law to employ illegal aliens.
In addition, I am sure that no one will have a problem, especially those experiencing current financial difficulties, supporting the additional illegal alien(s) that will relocate to Minnesota for the chance to obtain a license.
The security risks are astounding. One must wonder, who are these individuals?
What proof or knowledge do we have that they are who they say they are? Why would anyone elected to a MN office potentially put our security “at risk” by supplying those residing illegally in Minnesota and those that will come – with a drivers license, a form of permanent identification?
What would be the benefit or incentive to those Legislators who authored this bill? Could it be for future votes and a backhanded attempt to supply illegal aliens with a driver license to facilitate their involvement in the upcoming 2010 elections- just asking.
Why are the demands of those illegally in Minnesota and those that support them being heard over the demands of those Minnesotans who oppose such a measure and why are our immigration laws not being enforced instead of creating new laws that aid and abet illegal aliens?
I urge you to contact your Representatives and Governor Pawlenty, and SAY NO to giving illegal aliens the privilege ensured to Minnesota Citizens and Legal Residents –
….. a Drivers License.
Ruthie Hendrycks
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform                                    
State Chapter for FIRE Coalition                        
“Restore Order – Secure Our Border”                             
“The Ruthie Report”
8 pm CST every Thursday
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