by: Gary Rea (c)copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Those of us who are outside of the false left-right paradigm are the only people who are able to see how the so-called “right wing” has claimed ownership of the patriot movement. How and why this is happening isn’t always as clear to some of us, however, so I shall explain it for you.

It’s really the oldest trick in the NWO playbook. If you want to misrepresent your enemies and thus defuse their efforts, you infiltrate their ranks and then pretend to be them. This is exactly what the NWO minions in the corporate-controlled media are doing.

Witness the recent rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, hosted by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is a member of the CFR (here she is with NWO minon Henry Kissinger, a member of the CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg, himself) and was CFR member John McCain’s running mate in the so-called “election” of 2008, in which there wasn’t a single candidate who was not an Establishment minion. Glenn Beck is well known to be a tool of the Establishment media, alternately pretending to be a “patriot” while at the same time deliberately associating the patriot movement and 9/11 truthers with “domestic terrorism.” Yet, there the both of them are, hosting the “Take Back Our Country” tour.

Beck has been playing this game of demonizing 9/11 truthers as “domestic terrorists” for the last three years. Now, here he is, with Sarah Palin, using the same rhetoric originated by 9/11 truthers and patriots, who want to “take back America.” A fine goal, of course, but I think truthers and patriots need to first take back their own movement from Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

As for Palin, she inserted herself into the so-called “Sovereignty Movement” last year, becoming the face of Alaska’s supposed “declaration of sovereignty.” Of course, the reality is that – as I’ve been pointing out for some time, now – the “Sovereignty Movement” is a complete sham from the beginning. It is designed to lure us into believing the states are going to protect us from the federal government’s attempts to institute a police state in America. However, as I’ve said before, it is the states, themselves that will be running that police state, or more correctly, the federal government, the states and your local county and city governments combined, for a police state in America cannot exist without the full cooperation and participation of all levels of government. Also, it would be quite naive to assume that only the federal government has designs on creating a world government and that, somehow, the states got left out of the loop on that. What is America minus its fifty states? Nothing, really, aside from a bunch of feds in Washington, D.C., and without the assistance of the states, it is impossible for the federal government to create, let alone maintain a police state presence in America. If you doubt this, look at Britain, where the police state is very much coming to life right now. It is doing so via the use of local government.

Palin knows this, of course. She is an actor, playing a role, just like Barrack Obama is doing, and they are both on the same NWO team. While it may appear they are bitter enemies, that is simply from the script both are acting upon. The Bush family are close friends of the Clintons and have been since the early eighties. They vacation together and Barbara Bush calls Bill Clinton “son” – in private, of course. The illusion of contention between the “Republicans” and the “Democrats” is carefully maintained and cultivated by they, themselves, as well as the corporate-owned media and the government-run school system.

But, those of you who are regular readers here know all that. The people who don’t know, however, still have their minds under the control of the false left-right paradigm created by the global elite and disseminated via the media they own and control. The so-called “conservatives” who get all their information from Fox News are the people who are hanging on every word that is uttered by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, while the so-called “liberals” are made to believe that anyone who supports “taking back our country” is anti-liberal. Why, they must be because it’s Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin who are spearheading this movement to “take back our country,” right?

See how it works? The people who side with the Beck-Palin takeover of the patriot movement will never know that the patriot movement opposes both Beck and Palin as the NWO scum they are. At the same time, the so-called “liberals” will equate “taking back our country” with “far right-wing” Republicans, skin heads and gun-toting militiamen and thus will reject “taking back our country” as some sort of “right-wing” plot. With Beck and Palin (mis)leading the patriot movement, their supporters will be swept into a “movement” that takes them nowhere, to no resolution of the problem – just as Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign did. They will raise a lot of money and support from those who want government off our backs, but who do not understand that it is the same government and the people behind it who are running this propaganda campaign. Beck and Palin are really mouthpiecces for the Establishment, who own and run our government via the Federal Reserve and, thus, anyone supporting them will be supporting not the “taking back of America,” but the destruction of America. Meanwhile, those on the left will oppose the “taking back of America, ” convinced it’s just a “right-wing” plot. The result? No one will take back America.